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Beyhadh 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Beyhadh 6th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

Maya takes Ashwin’s murder blame on herself and requests inspector to free Arjun. Inspector asks to elaborate. Maya says Ashwin tried to kill Arjun once during mehandi rituals and inspector will find evidence in her house. She she did not want him to harm Arjun again and nobody can touch Arjun except her, so she finished Ashwin once for all. Vandana yells at Maya that because of Maya, her son’s life is in danger, Maya knew she would not allow this marriage, so she did not inform before. She asks Ayan if he knows his bhabhi’s real face now. Inspector asks Ayan to stop his mother’s drama and take her out. Arjun tells Maya that she cannot take wrong blame on her. Mays says she is telling truth.

Inspector continues his interrogation on Maya when landline rings. Constable picks call and tells inspector it is important call. Inspector says he will speak later. Constable says it is important call. Inspector speaks over phone and says Jahnvi tried to suicide again and left a note that she murdered Ashwin. Everyone are shocked. Inspector says Maya played a good game. Maya runs to hospital.

At hospital, Jahnvi is being operated to remove glass strands from her head (with hair on, mockery of surgery). Maya with Saanjh runs in and opens operation theater. Doc asks her to go out. Saanjh drags Maya out. Maya panics sitting on a bench nothing should happen to maa. Vandana continues yelling and tells Ayan that Maya murdered Ashwin. Ayan says it is Jahnvi aunty. Vandana yells it is Vandana’s hand and Maya’s brain, he does not know anything. She turns and sees Arjun walking towards her. Arjun says people say mother can read son’s heart feeling, but she cannot, she did not really become his mother yet. Vandana stands crying.

After surgery, doc comes out of OT and says Jahnvi is out of danger. Maya runs into room and shakes Jahnvi to wake up. Doc says she went into coma and cannot speak. Maya continues crying, but smirks for a moment and apologizes Jahnvi. Arjun reminisces his friend suggesting Jahnvi tto write a confession note and throw it in water.

After a few days, court hearing starts and judge announces Jahnvi as guilty, but since she is in coma, she cannot be confined and will be sent with Maya. Maya walks with Saanjh and Arjun carrying Jahnvi on chair. She tells Arjun that she thought love is everything, but friendship is above it, looking at Saanjh. Inspector walks telling constable that the case is still incomplete, though the culprit is announced, whoever has murdered he feels saluting him/her. Commissioner passes by and he salute. Maya sees him saluting and thinks he is saluting her.


Beyhadh 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update : Precap :: Maya gives gold chain to Vandana and says though she did not accept her as bahu, she has accepted her as saas, today she even united with Arjun finally.

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