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Beyhadh 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Beyhadh 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Saanjh enters Maya’s house to gather evidence to prove Arjun innocent, reminiscing Arjun’s words that she Maya wanted to trap her. She searches whole house and does not find anything. She then checks AC and finds Maya’s diary in it. She reads diary that Maya will kill whoever will come between her and Arjun. She thinks Maya’s love was her madness. She burns diary and thinks this is the only way to save Arjun. Inspector comes and saves diary and says he knew Saanjh would do something. He reads diary and says Saanjh found what he could not. Now, nobody can save Arjun. He says Saanjh that she knows nobody can enter crime scene without permission.

Inspector then takes diary to Arjun and says this his passport to death. Arjun says Maya’s diary. Maya is seen writing diary that Arjun does not give her food and makes her starve that she has to borrow food from watchman. She goes to watchman and acts to get something for her to eat. She panics when Arjun comes and requests watchman not to tell Arjun that she ate food. Arjun comes and takes Maya. Watchman angrily thinks Arjun is living on Maya’s love. Maya thinks Arjun wants to have food with Saanjh, now he and Saanjh will have food in jail. Inspector says Arjun that watchman has given statement.

Arjun continues reading diary that he tortured Maya and tried to kill their child. She acts in front of Shruti as Arjun trying to kill child. Maya writes diary and thinks she knows Arjun will leave her after childbirth, but she will not leave him forever. Inspector says he has many evidences and shows Maya’s postmortem report and says he tortured Maya and tried to kill her. Arjun says he never hit Maya. Inspector says Maya’s whole body had injuries and his fingerprints were on her neck, if he thinks Maya herself strangulated him. Saanjh says this is all wrong, Maya is trapping even inspector in her lies. Inspector says they both have lied more to enjoy their extramarital affair. He says Saanjh tried to hide evidence and did lot more, so she should be arrested. Constable arrests Saanjh and drags her away while Arjun shouts to leave Saanjh. Maya is seen laughing writing her diary.


Beyhadh 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Judge pronounces death sentence for Arjun in Maya’s murder case.