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Beyhadh 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Saanjh applies mehandi on Arjun’s hand and inscribes her name. Lalavni enters disguised as waiter and mixes glass pieces in Sanjh’s mehandi bowl, reminiscing promising Maya that he will tackle Saanjh. Arjun shows his hand to Suman and says who will inscribe such a big name Dusky on hand, people hide name in mehandi instead. Saanjh says she wants to show her name to everyone. Arjun erases Maya’s name on his chest and tries to inscribe Saanjh’s name. Saanjh stops him and says her name should be in his heart and not his body.\

Jahnvi asks jailer why she is torturing Maay slowly, she should have tortured so much that Maya would have half died by now. She tells Maya that she did not ask her anything till now, she wants her to die in 3 days and never return back, should leave her Arjun and Saanjh in peace. Maya shouts Jahnvi and says Maya Arjun Sharma will die in 3 days and Maya Mehrotra will be reborn who does not forgets her enemies, be it Arjun, Saanjh, or Jahnvi. She tries to strangulate Jahnvi, but warden pulls her away. Jahnvi tells jailer that as a mother, she cannot see Maya in pain, she just wants her to die peacefully and never think of this world.

Arjun asks DJ to play music and dances with everyone. Saanjh joins him after applying mehandi on her feet. Her feet starts bleeding and she falls down. Arjun pulls out glass strand from her foot and asks mehandi wali if she mixed glass strand. Mehandiwali says she brought cones and not mehandi bowl. Arjun sees waiter running and runs behind him. Lalvani gets into car. Arjun holds him. Lalvani hits him with spanner and Arjun falls down. Lalvani speeds away. Arjun returns home injured. Saanjh panics seeing his injury and asks to call doctor. Arjun lifts her and takes her to room and apologizes that she is suffering because of him. He says he made a mistake and he will go and meet his mistake. Saanjh says she will not let him meet Maya.

Maya in her jail cell smiles that Saanjh will remember her gift forever, she warned Saanjh, but Saanjh did not listen to her, Saanjh will like her wedding gift and will be ready to die. She further smiles that Arjun will come to meet her for sure.


Beyhadh 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Maya holds Arjun and says her love is like a chain in neck, if he goes away it will strangulate him and if he stops it will not let anyone near him. He says he will break every chain and will away from her towards Saanjh.

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