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Beyhadh 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Arjun tries to leave with Maya when Suman insults Maya. Saanjh holds his hand and says wherever she is, his need will always be there, people will not understand their relationship, but his presence is always needed. She hugs him. May fume in jealousy. Arjun gives Saanjh’s hand in Samay’s hand and says Samay will accompany her from hereon. Samay comments about love looking at Maya. Arjun gives Vandana’s gift and says ma gave it. Saanjh thinks aunty sent a message in it. She goes to bathroom and searches message in whole box, but does not find it. Vandana the other side tells Jahnvi that Saanjh will read her message and signal her, then she will search evidence against Maya to prove Ayan’s innocence.

Maya searches Saanjh and asks guest where is Saanjh. Guests says she went to her room. Saanjh searches gift box thoroughly and does not find message. She prays god for help. Box slips from her hand and she sees a paper coming out. She thanks god and reads Vandana’s message that Maya gets a calls from particular number and writes last 5 digits. She says once she signals, she will start searching evidence for Ayan, she just has to keep Maya away from her mobile so that she does not watch CCTV footage. Maya walks into her room searching her. She comes out. Maya says be careful. Saanjh says it is her house. Maya walks into washroom and finds gift wrap’s piece.

Saanjh takes guest Khanna aunty’s mobile and calls Vandana. Vandana asks why did she call, Maya will check her call log. Saanjh says let here check, she is calling from Khanna aunty’s mobile and asks her to start her job. Saanjh tells Maya that she wants to forget everything and start heir friendship again. She extends hand. Arjun watches it, rushes and holds Saanjh’s hand and congratulates her, says Maya let us go. Maya says she wants to watch Saanjh’s engagement. Samay drops fruit and says these things happen when beautiful people are around. They all bend to pick fruits. Samay murmurs at Maya that he loves her and is doing all this for her. He holds her hand. Maya says Saanjh that Samay is holding her hand by mistake and asks to come and hold his hand.

Vandana thinks how to find clue and thinks she should search CCTV room. She reminisces how Maya opened it earlier and presses but. Door opens between book shelf and she enters in. She checks CCTV footage and does not find only crime day’s footage missing.

Suman asks Maya and Samay to exchange rings. Samay shows injured hand. Prem asks what happened. Samay says he cut his finger while cooking. Maya says Saanjh can put ring in Samay’s another finger. Suman says whoever will try to come between Samay and Saanjh will have to bear her slap. Saanjh puts ring in Samay’s another finger. Samay fumes. Saanjh asks Maya if she can steal her husband for a minute for dance and holds Arjun’s hand. Maya pulls back Arjun’s hand and says not even for a min or a second, she should dance with her fiance Samay first and pushes her. Saanjh watches Maya’s phone on furniture and thinks how to keep Maya away from it for sometime.


Beyhadh 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Saanjh reminsices intial 5 numbers on Maya’s phone and last 5 digits on Vandana’s note and dials it. She is shocked to see Samay’s name.

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