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Beyhadh 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Arjun goes to meet Maya. Maya smiles at him and seeing blood on his head gets concerned. Arjun stops her and says she shed his most important person in life Saanjh’s blood and if something happens to her, he will not spare her. Maya says he felt pain seeing Saanjh in pain, similarly she feels pain. Arjun warns not to take Saanjh’s name from her dirty mouth. She asks what will he do. He pins her to wall. She says whatever he gives him, she will give it to Saanjh. He asks to punish her. She says he has to be alive to see Saanjh dying. He asks to spare his Saanjh. She says she is his and not Saanjh and she will not tolerate anyone else in his life. He says they are already divorced. She says by trick, no law can separate them. Arjun says she will hang soon on noose. She says her love is change in his neck, if he goes far away, it will strangulate him, if he stays, it will not let anyone come near him. Arjun says he will break all chains and will not let any trouble come near Saanjh, walks away. Maya smiles.

Arjun barges into jailer’s cabin. Warden says she stopped him, but he did not. Arjun asks why she is being so lenient on Maya, does she know what Maya did and informs her how Saanjh is injured and water hitting him and escaping. Jailer says Maya is in solitary confinement, how can she do it. Arjun says in Maya’s case, it is when, who came to meet Maya. Jailer says Maya has right to meet her lawyer. Arjun insists to tell in detail, but jailer refuses. Arjun leaves.

Arjun reaches home and touches sleeping Saanjh’s feet. Saanjh wakes up and nurses his injury. He cries. She asks him to stop crying. She holds his hand and consoles him, says she ahs not started loving him yet, but he is crying. Lalvani goes to meet Maya. Maya asks if he hit Arjun and did Arjun writhe in pain. Lalvani smilingly says yes excitedly and says he hit with snapper hardly. Maya hits his head on table and injures him and shouts how dare he is to injure her Arjun. Arjun continues pampering Saanjh and says security is his responsibility hereon. Maya then plans to kill Saanjh and says Saanjh should see fire, whether it s havan’s or arthi’s, she should be away from Arjun’s live.

Arjun tells family that they all will protect Saanjh and says they all encourage him to be courageous and now they should stop worrying, his and Saanjh’s marriage with happen grandly. He asks Ayan to hire city’s top security agency and there should not be any lapse in Saanjh’s security. He hugs Saanjh and says he will not let Maya’s shadow on her.

Maya draws Arjun’s sketch on wall singing Tujhe Pyar Karte Karte…song…She says she did a lot for Arjun, but dog cannot digest ghee. She then apologizes him for calling dog, says he is ghee instead and Saanjh is dog. Maya thinks Arjun cannot escape.


Beyhadh 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Arjun tells family they all will protect Saanjh. Maya says they will never know how death will reach Saanjh and their security will not work.

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