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Beyhadh 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Beyhadh 9th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Arjun tells Vandana if she does not respect her bahu, he will leave this house. Vandana stands in a shock and does not react. Ayan requests Arjun not to go, if he will leave his brother. Arjun says he is in his heart and will go only after his death. Saanjh fumes hearing this. Arjun says when mom is not considering him as son, why should he stay here. He takes Maya to room and starts packing bags.

Saanjh in office thinks how to resign her job, whether to tell Arjun that she wants to study further, wants to take up teaching, etc..if she does not get out of Arjun’s life, it is difficult for them. Ayan calls her and informs that bhai fought with maa and leaving home with Maya. Saanjh rushes towards Arjun’s house. Maya says if they leave home like this, people will blame her.

Arjun say people will blame maa and not her and asks to relax. He packs bags and comes out. Vandana sits in a shock thinking Maya played her game finally and reminisces what all Maya did. Saanjh rushes in and asks Arjun to not leave home. He says maa blamed Maya for everything and reminds all the incidents. Saanjh pleads Vandana to stop Arjun, but she sits crying. Arjun holds Maya’s hand and leaves. Maya walks smirking at Vandana. Arjun gets into car with Maya. Vandana looks from window. Maya continues smirking at her.

Vandana tells Ayan that Maya took away her son. Ayan says bhai went because of her rude behavior. Saanjh says same. Vandana sits cyring again.

Arjun with Maya reaches Jahnvi’s flat. Maya tells because of her, Arjun had to leave house, neither Arjun wants to go there nor maa wants to come here. Arjun says he is not fool to go back to a 1 BHK flat, he dreamt about a big house, luxury car, beautiful wife, luxurious life and achieved it. Maya silently listen to him.

Suman comes and tries to console Vandana. Vandana says Maya took away her son. Suman says she is not seeing the real picture, Arjun never loved his mother and dreamt about lavish life and will not return now. In the morning, during breakfast Vandana asks Ayan if he spoke to Arjun, he must be sad without his mother. Ayan sadly says bhai is very happy and not missing them. Vandana reminisces Suman’s words.

Maya serves breakfast to Arjun and gives him new T-shirt to wear. He wears it but does not like breakfast. She sits on his lap and kisses his eyes. He agrees. He then takes her car keys and says she will be at home with aunty, s he will take her car and leaves. Maya thinks she will make him addicted to luxuries and control him.


Beyhadh 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Arjun tells his friend that he is boss of this company. Friend says within 6 months, he reached his goal and became rich. He says boss’s plan is always big. Maya enters.

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