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Beyhadh 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Saanjh tells Maya she does not want her Arjun and says let us dance with our partners. She dances with Samay. Maya keeps her mobile on sofa and dances with Arjun on a romantic song. Samay stares at Maya and thinks he wants to dance with her and not Arjun. Saanjh silently moves away and picks Maya’s mobile. She tries to open lock with Mayas date of birth, etc., but cannot. Suman comes and asks what is she doing here. Phone falls down. Saanjh picks it back. Samay calls on mobile and Saanjh notices first 4 digits. Maya comes and snatches her mobile yelling she always wants other’s things. Saanjh thinks Vandana should find proof before Maya watches CCTV footage.

Vandana continues checking CCTV footage repeatedly and does not find crime day’s footage. She thinks where to find it. Jahnvi enters and Vandana realizes she is one of the clue. She asks Jahnvi to press beep once if her answer is yes and twice if no. She asks if Ayan misbehaved with Maya. Jahnvi presses beep twice. Vandana gets happy that her son is not wrong. Vandana asks if Ayan is innocent and Maya trapped him. Jahnvi presses beep twice. Vandana asks to how to find out evidence against Maya. Jahnvi takes her to room and kicks cupboard repeatedly. Vandana opens drawer and finds psychiatric prescription report with Jahnvi’s name. She asks if it is Maya’s. Jahnvi beeps once and reminisces saving Maya lying that she takes depression pills and Maya is trying to save her. Vandana asks how to prove that Maya is mad. Jahnvi throws paper near Ashwin’s photo stuck between bed and reminisces Ashwin falling down, meaning Maya killed him.

Maya looks at CCTV footage in her mobile and does not see Vandana, she murmurs Vandana will not change. Vandana comes out wheeling Jahnvi and then feeds her food, says she thought only her son is stuck in Maya’s jail, but even Jahnvi is.

Saanjh goes to her room and remembers first caller’s 4 digits on Maya’s mobile and Vandana writing last 4 in her note. She writes them and thinks what must be the middle 2 numbers. She thinks why she feels she knows this number and dials it. She is shocked to see Samay’s name and drops mobile. Samay speaks and asks where is she. She shatters and walks out, sees Samay and Maya talking on phone at a distance from each other. Samay disconnects call and asks Saanjh what happened. She says she thought one can win with truth, but realized one can win only if determined to win, looking at Maya in mirror. Arjun tells Maya let us go now. Maya walks thinking she will win over Saanjh again and it is an open war.


Beyhadh 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Samay confesses Saanjh that he is with Maya and loves her. Saanjh asks Maya if it is true. She says yes. Arjun looks at them.

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