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Beyhadh 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Arjun tells himself that he knows very well and she will comes if she has promised. He and Saanjh meet doctor to adopt child via surrogacy. Doctor says she is very happy that they took the decision finally and their child will grow in another woman’s womb. Arjun asks if they can meet that woman. Woman enters cabin and greets them. Doctor says this is Mridula, surrogate mother. She asks to sign consent form and praises Saanjh that she took a major decision even after so much happened and jokes with Arjun that he has to handle 2 women now. Arjun says he is prepared for it. Doc keeps documents into drawer and goes out.

Arjun jokes with Saanjh that he needs 7 kids, 6 like him and 1 like Saanjh. Saanjh says then she has to tolerate 6 Arjuns. Arjun says they have to thank surrogate mother. Saanjh says surrogate mother will be second mother for their child and will always be attached to their lives. At home, Jahnvi prays god to protect Arjun and Saanjh and their would be child.

Jahnvi says she is worried and feeling since before a disaster as Maya has not done anything recently and may create a big problem. Suman asks her to relax. After sometime, Jahnvi looks at Arohi’s photo with family. Suman cheers her up and says they can send selfie to promotes Lava Z series mobile with its special features and return policy.

Arjun and Maya meet surrogate mother and thank her for helping them. Saanjh says she will be part of their lives and her child’s second mother forever. Once they walk out, Maya walks in and asks doctor if everything is set. Doc nods yes. She gives money to surrogate lady. Doctor says she is not doing right. Maya picking scalpel from tray says when god has sent her here, there must be some reason. She sleeps on bed thinking Arjun sent her way from him for Saanjh, now she is entering back in his life via Saanjh itself.

Arjun walks with Saanh out cheering her up and asks her to have some juice at at least. They get out of building and see a man falling from his bike. Arjun runs and lifts bike and sees surrogate woman there, asks if she is here, who is inside hospital.


Beyhadh 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Maya says Arjun let us play a game, either he can kill her or send her to jail where his child will grow there, or take her to his home.

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