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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Bakool thinking about proposing love to Jigna and Sheena. He smiles. Harry comes there and asks what he is thinking. Bakool tells that he is thinking about Jigna and Sheena. He says I have started loving both of them, and says they both have fulfill their duties as my wives. He tells that he is won by Jigna’s innocence and tells that Sheena is trying to change herself for him. He is thinking to start family with both of them. Bakool tells that he likes laddoo. Jigna says every wife shall make their husband have laddoo. Bakool thinks she understood what he meant.

He holds her hand and says I love you. Jigna smiles and feels shy. Dagdu hears them and is shocked. He comes home to tell Ranjeet and Harry about it. Just then he gets a call informing him that his son fell down from the terrace. Dagdu cries and says he will come there. Ranjeet comes and asks what happened. Dagdu says my son fell down from terrace. Ranjeet says you are not married. Dagdu says really. Sheena comes there.

Dagdu tells that Bakool said I love you to Jigna. Sheena says why my baby will say I love you to her. She gets an idea and tells that she found sister for Bakool. They come to office. Sheena tells Bakool that she has searched sister for him and that is Jigna. Bakool says she is wife. Ranjeet says Harry’s wife. Harry says my wife don’t tie rakhi to anyone. She went to village to tie rakhi to her brother. Jigna tells neighbors that she needs their help to get her brother married. She gives them laddoos. They ask about the girl. Jigna says he has selected the girl, but don’t know where she stays.

Bhavesh comes to office and thinks Ranjeet is peon and asks him to call his jija. Ranjeet says he is boss. Bhavesh says his brother in law are having many companies. Ranjeet asks who is your jija. Bhavesh says I can’t take his name, but can tell my sister’s name. He says his sister is Jigna. Ranjeet thinks Harry lied big to his sasural relatives. He acts to be peon and says he will take him to his jija. Ranjeet takes Bhavesh to Harry and says your brother in law told me everything. He says you have lied to him that you have many companies. Harry says he is not his brother in law. Ranjeet says your forgets your wife, son etc and says I am cancelling your increment. Harry is shocked. Bakool comes and says Chusiya, you are here. He tells Harry that Bhavesh is his brother in law. Bhavesh asks why did Ranjeet tell that Harry is Jigna’s husband. Bakool says he is mad.

Sheena comes to Office and sees Bhavesh. She identifies his name and asks what he is doing here. Bhavesh says he came to meet his brother in law. Sheena asks who is he?


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Harry comes and asks Chusiya about his marriage plans. Juhi says I can’t marry you. Bakool asks with whom he wants to marry. He points finger at Sheena’s pic. Bakool is shocked. Jigna tells Bakool that they will not sleep together until he gets her brother married. Bakool is shocked.