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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Juhi asking Harry why did his brother in law called jiju to Bakool. Harry says he has a sight problem. Juhi says I will tie you rakhi surely. Bakool takes Bhavesh with him home and asks why did you send her to office. Bhavesh tells that he will marry now and tells that he found his princess in the office. Bakool says she is Juhi. Jigna and Baa asks him to talk to Juhi about Bhavesh’s marriage. He hesitantly agrees. Jigna gives laddoo to Bakool. Bakool thinks she doesn’t know what he wants.

Ranjeet tells Sheena that Harry lied that Jigna went to village when her brother came here to meet her. Sheena says she saw her brother today. Ranjeet says they shall call Bakool and Jigna here. Sheena says she will ask her friend (Baa) to bring her son. Bakool comes home and sees Bhavesh and others dancing on the song. Jigna says his baraat is going. Bakool says I went for work and not to get girl. Bhavesh gets sad. Bakool asks him to get down from the horse and asks he got married twice without getting on the horse. Jigna asks what he is saying? Bakool says he means to say he married Jigna twice. Everyone relaxes. Bhavesh tells that he will not go until he gets married. Bakool agrees to talk to Juhi.

Bakool comes to Harry and tells that Bhavesh wants to marry Juhi and asks him to talk to her. Harry says what I shall do now, as Ranjeet threatened me to bring Jigna so that she can tie rakhi to you. He says you know that Sheena is doubtful about you. Bakool says how can I make her tie rakhi and tells that he will make excuse. Harry says he can’t make excuse. Baa comes to meet Sheena. Sheena tells that she is excited to tie rakhi to her son. Baa jokes that may be her son will refuse to get rakhi tied by her seeing her beauty. Pandit ji informs Ranjeet that mahurat is for 2 hours only. Ranjeet plans to test Jigna and Bakool and know their relation. Harry talks to Juhi about Bhavesh. Juhi says he is very strange and refuses to marry him. Bakool tells her that he is his saala. He then makes excuse and asks Juhi to tell Bhavesh on his face that he don’t love her.

Bhavesh comes there. Juhi tells him that he is good, but she can’t marry him, says sorry. Bhavesh says its ok, I don’t want to marry you, but some other girl. Harry says my girl is safe. Bakool asks whom he wants to marry then. Bhavesh tells that he wants to marry the girl and gives Sheena’s description and then shows her pic kept on the table. Bakool says she is company’s owner and asks him to leave. Bhavesh says he has no problem. Bakool asks him to leave.

Bakool thinks to start family with Jigna and comes to room. He sees Bhavesh sleeping in room. He asks why is he sleeping here. Bhavesh says he will not go until he gets married. Jigna tells Bakool that he won’t sleep with him until he gets Bhavesh married. Bakool is shocked.


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag14th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Harry brings Jigna to home. Bakool hides his face. Sheena asks him to show his face. Jigna is shocked and tells Sheena that Bakool is her husband. Sheena is also shocked.

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