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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sheena comes wearing saree infront of Baa when the latter comes to meet her and addresses her as sasumom. Baa is shocked when Sheena tells her that her son married her. Baa says my dholu can’t marry twice. Sheena says even I can’t think that my baby marry twice. Baa asks why did you call me and says you was about to go on honeymoon. Sheena says Pandit ji told that this time is not auspicious to go. Baa says Pandit ji told same thing to Jigna also. Sheena asks her to teach her a dish. Baa tells that she will show her how to make highclass dish. Sheena gets happy and gives make up kit to Baa, asking her to give it to her bahu so that she does make up and woo her husband. Baa smiles.

Malti gives 4 utensils for a saree. Jigna asks her to give just 3 utensils. Malti asks her to start a family and asks if Bakool loves you. Jigna says yes and tells her that he wears clothes washed by her, eats food cooked by her etc. Malti asks her to ask her sasumaa how to get heavy legs. Sheena comes to Bakool and makes him have food made by Baa. Bakool says it is tasty and asks did you make it. Sheena says if your mum made? Bakool says it seems like. She gives him ring of S initial and asks him not to take it off.

Baa gives make up box to Jigna and thinks she will look good and Bakool couldn’t take his eyes off her. Jigna comes wearing loud makeup. Baa gets shocked and shouts ghosts. Bakool asks why did you do make up. Jigna tells that when she was doing make up, she tried to balance make up at both cheeks and the make up got loud. He thinks Baa must have told her to do make up. Jigna says Baa said that you will roam around me. Bakool says villager girl can’t look like city girl. Jigna asks him to show the hand. Bakool takes out Sheena’s ring from his finger and shows his hand. Jigna asks did you wear some other wear. Bakool says no. Jigna says this is Sidhth ring. Bakool refuses to wear it. Baa emotionally blackmails him. Bakool wears the ring.

In the office, Juhi is crying. Harry asks Bakool to ask her what happened? Juhi says all guys are same. Bakool asks her to say what happened? Juhi says my boyfriend don’t call me. Bakool says just a small matter. Bakool asks her to marry him so that her boyfriend stays infront of her. Harry asks her to change boyfriend. Juhi says she changed her boyfriend, but he is also doing the same thing. Bakool asks her to give her name initial to him so that he remembers her always. Sheena comes and sees Bakool holding Juhi’s hand and gets shocked. She asks whose ring is this. Bakool says I don’t know. Sheena sees J’s initial ring on his hand and asks if it is Juhi.

Juhi says you are thinking wrong. Sheena says your chemistry is so good and says I will fire you. She says it must be J for Juhi. Bakool says it is not of Juhi, but of Jigna. Sheena asks Jigna, she is Harry’s wife. She asks why you are wearing it. Bakool says he asked me to check the size and says he will wear Sheena’s ring. Bakool asks Sheena to spit anger and says he will go and check order. Sheena says she will go and asks Juhi to come. Bakool says I am saved. Harry asks what is this ring problem? He asks him to get Jigna’s divorce from him else he will die. Bakool asks him not to say this and says I love you Jaan to Harry and hugs him.


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update precap : Bakool gets angry at Jigna. Later Ranjeet comes to know that Bakool has two wives as the latter speaks to Harry.