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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Dagdu seeing Ranjeet sleeping and thinks he is dead. He hits on his chest crying and Ranjeet wakes up and says she slept due to tension. Dagdu says chinta is chita. Ranjeet says I doubt that Bakool said I love you to Sheena ever. Dagdu recalls and tells him that Bakool said I love you to Harry and says they have dostana. Ranjeet slaps him and says gets worried. Dagdu says shall I talk to Pandit ji about you. Ranjeet beats him. Malti comes to Jigna’s house and asks if she is happy with her husband. Jigna says she is very happy, and tells that she gave ring to him and now he will remember her always. Malti says I hope he wears ring given by you only. Sheena tells Baa that she is having doubt on her baby of having affair with someone. Baa says it is wife’s right to doubt on husband. Malti asks her to control her husband. Sheena tells that she won’t bear if her husband have two wives. Jigna tells that she can’t doubt on her husband and says if she ever changes the way,then she will bring him on right path by doing solah somvar fasts. Sheena takes out hairs from her hands using wax. Baa asks what is this? Sheena says she has a wax pack which she got from Germany and will give her for her bahu. Baa asks Sheena to try it out on her skin.

Jigna thinks Baa told her that men likes wax. She uses wax on Bakool’s leg and removes his hairs. Bakool wakes up and is shocked to see to see his leg hairs removed. He asks Jigna who told you to do this. Jigna says Baa told me. Bakool says you are a mad woman and scolds her. Baa tells Jigna that she asked her to use wax on her and not on Bakool. Jigna gets worried.

In the morning, Jigna cries and tells Baa that Bakool haven’t taken tiffin today. Baa asks her to take his tiffin to his office. Jigna gets happy and goes. Jigna sees herself in the glass door and thinks he is looking beautiful. Ranjeet comes out and asks why you were taking evil eyes off from me. Jigna says she was doing for herself. Ranjeet says ok. He asks her why did she come? Jigna says she brought Vishnu’s tiffin. Ranjeet asks her to come to her cabin. Jigna says no and asks him to give tiffin to Vishnu. Ranjeet asks what happened? Jigna says he is angry with me and don’t love me since we got married. Ranjeet thinks Harry is having dostana with Bakool and gets angry. Harry calls Juhi and asks her to tell her undergarments size, else show it. Juhi says you shall feel ashamed. Harry says you were handling 2000 undergarments order of Chadhha. Juhi says you were talking about it. She says she will bring the details.

Ranjeet comes there and asks if you have any problem. Harry says no. Ranjeet calls him cheater and says Jigna came here to office. Ranjeet asks why did you fight with her and asks him to love her. Harry asks him to tell him how to love her. Ranjeet thinks of Dagdu’s words and asks Harry to stay away. He says you have to learn how to love your wife and not someone else.

Bakool comes there. Ranjeet hides under the table. Bakool sees his tiffin and asks how come it is here. Harry signs him and says I took it home and says you have one wife and asks why don’t you love her. Bakool asks why you are lecturing me and signing me to sit. Bakool says he has two wives. Ranjeet is shocked.


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Jigna asks Bakool not to go to office and says Bhalu kaka is coming home today. Ranjeet tells Bakool that he came to know about her truth and says you got married to Sheena and loving someone else. Bakool thinks to tell the truth.