Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Bhalu Kaka meeting with an accident with Sheena’s car. Jigna tells Baa that Kaka used to call her Koel and she used to call him Bhalu Kaka. Bakool says what family, it seems you had stayed in jungle. Jigna asks him to stay at home and tells that Bhalu Kaka used to say that she will get monkey like husband. Bakool asks do I look like a monkey. Jigna says no and that’s why he will be happy. Sheena asks Ranjeet to wake him up. Bhalu Kaka gains consciousness and asks how come he is here? Sheena says you came infront of my car and fainted. Bhalu Kaka tells that thief have stolen his stuff and money. Sheena asks who are you? BhaluKaka says he is Bhavani and came from village to meet Koel, but now he can’t meet her as address is stolen too. Sheena asks him to stay in their house till he gets the address. Bhalu Kaka agrees and tells that he is in under pressure, and relieves gas from his stomach. Ranjeet asks Dagdu to take him to guest room bathroom. Dagdu takes him. Sheena says she will ask Bakool to enquire about Koel. Bakool is in office and asks Harry to talk to client as Sheena called him urgently. Jigna calls Bakool and asks him to search her Kaka. Bakool says he will reach home soon.

Dagdu massages Ranjeet’s feet. Ranjeet says oil is good and relieved my foot pain. Kaka tells that he has 12 children. Ranjeet asks him to tell solution to get a baby soon for their daughter and son in law. He says ok. Bakool comes there. Sheena tells him that he is Kaka, Koel’s kaka. Bakool asks from where he came. He says Bhav Nagar. Bakool is shocked.

Nandu sees Jigna waiting for Bhalu Kaka with her eye closed. He asks if she is flirting with him. Baa slaps him. Jigna tells Baa that he has kept fast and says until he comes home and opens her eye, she will not open her eye. Bakool asks about his name. He tells that he is Bhalu Kaka and says he came to give her watermelon and see the Jamai. Bakool asks him to go back to village. Sheena asks him to enquire about Koel. Ranjeet asks him to take him to his house. Bakool says no and says his house is too small. Sheena says he is just joking and asks him to file police complaint. Bakool tells Harry that Kaka came from village and now Ranjeet asking him to take him to his house. Harry asks him not to take tension and says when Kaka will not get address, he will roam Mumbai and go back.

Baa calls Bakool and asks where is he? Bakool says he is in office. Baa tells him to search kaka as jigna has closed her one eye. Bakool says what is this new timepass. Baa asks him not to come home or have food until Kaka comes. Bakool asks where I will go? Harry asks him to stay in his house. Sheena calls Baa. Baa tells her that her bahu kaka haven’t come. She says he came from Bhav Nagar. Sheena asks if his name is Bhavani Shankar etc. Baa says yes. Sheena asks if he calls Koel to his niece. Baa says yes. Sheena says he is in her house and tells that she hit him with her car, but she is fine. Sheena says her husband will drop him to her house.


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Baa beats a man eveteasing Jigna and asks her to break the fast. She refuses. Later Sheena asks Bakool to come and drop kaka to koel’s house.


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