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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sheena waking up at 4 am and says they will romance at this time. She goes to freshen up while Bakool sleeps. Later he wakes up in the morning and sees Sheena upset. Sheena tells him that she is upset with him. Dagdu hears them. Neighbors read about dhongi baba in the newspaper. Some saint come to Bakool’s house and asks Jigna to give anything. Jigna thinks he is dhongi baba and refuses to give him anything. Baa comes and asks Bakool to give him money. He gives him money. Baa asks him to pray for their happiness. Saint tells that happiness will never come here as there is a naagin here who will drink milk and search naagmani and will eat rats. Baa tells Bakool that he is telling about Jigna.

Ranjeet calls Pandit to show Bakool’s kundli. Pandit checks his kundli and tells that there is a naag dosh in his kundli and asks them to go to nasik for puja. Bakool thinks Ranjeet is going and asks him to take Dagdu. Ranjeet asks him to go. Bakool refuses to go. Jigna makes food and finds it spicy. She thinks to drink milk and drinks it in saucer. Baa happens to see and asks Bakool to come with her. They are shocked to see Jigna drinking milk like snake. Bakool asks Baa not to doubt on her and says he will ask her. Baa says no and says if she comes to know that we know her truth then. Bakool says he will go to office. Baa asks him not to go. Bakool comes to room and sees Jigna under the bed. He shouts and thinks if she is a snake. Baa comes. They are shocked to see the stone/diamond in her hand and thinks she is a naagin and might be searching mani. Jigna asks them to have kheer. Baa refuses to let him have kheer and says she might plan to kill you and make you naag. Bakool is scared.

Bakool gets Sheena’s call and she asks him to come home. He goes there. Sheena tells him that they will play snake and ladder game, and will become snake. Bakool says he don’t want to play. Dagdu comes and says he will play. Sheena is upset. Baa thinks my bahu is naagin…They see Jigna running after the rat and saying that she will not leave it. She shows the rat to them. Baa and Bakool shouts. Jigna says I will eat it and laughs. Bakool and Baa are shouts and recalls Saint’s words. He says he is sure that Jigna is naagin and will not sleep with her.

Malti comes to Jigna. Neighbor plays song tu cheez badi hai….Malti scolds him. Jigna asks about her blue eyes. Malti says she is wearing blue lenses to woo her husband. Jigna asks her to give lenses to her also and says even she wants to woo Bakool tonight.


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bakool tells harry that jigna is a icchadhari naagin. Harry is shocked. Dagdu hears him. Later Bakool plays the flute while jigna dances on naagin dance.

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