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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Bakool eating at a road side stall. Sheena calls him and asks what is he doing? Bakool says he is eating on road and will go to Police station. Sheena tells him that she got address of Kaka and says she told his family that her husband will drop Kaka. Bakool is shocked and says Sheena got his house address and asks Harry to say what to do? Harry says I have an idea and asks him to drop Kaka somewhere else, and says when he couldn’t find the address, then will return home. Jigna is sitting with her one eye closed. A man comes and winks his eye. Baa beats him and asks Jigna to open eye, as Bhalu Kaka will be coming soon. Jigna says only Kaka will open her eyes and says she can do any work or play with one eye. She says she plays kanche best. Baa says even I played in my village and says she was playing kanche when Bakool’s father saw her for first time. She says he winked at me and started playing with me, then Dholu was born. Jigna says then you got married. Baa says we got married first and then have Dholu. Jigna sees kanche there and plays….

Bhalu Kaka makes Dangdu exercise. Ranjeet says I can do and tries to exercise, but couldn’t do. Bhalu Kaka asks him to make his son in law exercise to get healthy. Bakool comes. Ranjeet asks him to exercise. Bakool refuses. Kaka asks him to exercise and says the villager men do this exercise. Bakool says I am not a villager. Bhalu Kaka asks but you are a man naa. Bakool is shocked and thinks even Jigna said same thing. Ranjeet asks him to reply. Sheena comes and asks Bakool to drop him. Kaka says he got house like feeling here and now he has two homes. Bakool says I will drop you. Kaka releases gas before going. Ranjeet jokes that he don’t say bye with mouth.

Jigna goes to pan shop with her one eye closed. Pan shop owner asks if she needs husband and wife’s pans. Jigna says no and says she wants Pan for her kaka and tells about her mannat. He says ok.

Bakool drops Kaka somewhere and asks him to go to that street directly where Koel’s house is there. He asks him to drop him there. Bakool says he can’t leave his scooter here and come, as Police will fine challan then. Kaka agrees and goes. Bakool gets Jigna’s call and she asks him to come as Kaka will be coming soon. Bakool thinks he will go to Bhav Nagar soon. Jigna says you are hungry and asks him to come home and have food. Bakool says now you remember me and says he will come. He comes home and calls Kaka. Jigna throws kancha/small glass balls on him. Bakool shouts. Jigna says Baa asked me to aim kancha on you. Bakool gets angry and says your kaka will not come knowing about her mannat. Baa says they are hungry since morning, but she belches. Bakool asks her to have more food and goes inside the house..

Sheena reads her horoscope in the newspaper and says if I help any stranger today then I will get my partner’s love with extreme level. She thinks today she will get her husband’s love, just then she sees Kaka coming back. She asks Kaka what happened to him. Kaka acts as tired and says your baby is missing. Sheena asks what rubbish. Kaka tells that Bakool left him somewhere and left, when I reached there, he didn’t find koel, but a dog. He says he is scared of dogs and came running back. Sheena says she will drop him to Koel’s house.

Baa asks Bakool to come out and stand and says Kaka can come at any time. Bakool says he will not come. He gets Sheena’s call and she says you went to drop Uncle. Bakool says he did the work. Sheena says then why did he return? Bakool is shocked. Sheena asks why did you leave him on the way. Bakool says I told him the house to go. Sheena says address was wrong. Bakool says ok, I will drop him tomorrow. Sheena says she will go and drop him now. Bakool is shocked.


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Some men beats Bhalu kaka and says he was teasing your saas. Jigna says I will also beat him and see Bhalu kaka. Later Bakool comes out of bathroom and asks where did cylinder burst? Jigna introduces Bakool to Kaka. Bakool and Kaka are both shocked.