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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Jigna singing song silsila hai pyaar ka plays while doing household chores. Baa asks what you are doing. Jigna says she is doing penance. Baa asks are you happy with this marriage. Jigna says she is happy and kept solah somvar vrat. Baa asks her to make tea and asks her not to keep diya on hand. Jigna tells that her husband slept outside and she couldn’t give him love last night. She says until she wears the saree given by her and until he lifts the veil, she won’t keep the diya off. Baa tells her that no wife gets troubles for her husband. Jigna says she has to do something. Baa says she will call Bakool.

Bakool slaps Harry and asks him to search the saree. Juhi comes and asks if they are playing hide and seek game. Bakool asks him to explain her. Harry asks her if she saw red saree on the table. She says she saw Tagru coming here. Sheena calls Bakool and says hi baby. Bakool says wrong number. Sheena says she is Sheena and thanks him for his mum’s sareee. Bakool is shocked. Sheena says she will wait for him and will wear that saree. Bakool gets tensed and thinks he has to bring that saree anyhow. He tells that no two woman can wear the same saree . He says he made one wife take off the saree and made other wear it. Servant tells Ranjeet that he remembered malkin seeing Sheena in saree.

Ranjeet slaps him and asks did you see her wearing saree. Servant says no and says if Bakool gets late then she will get angry. Bakool comes there. Ranjeet asks her to go for the golden night with two bottles of champagne. Bakool says I don’t drink it. He asks him to take it for Sheena. Baa sees Jigna cleaning the house and asks her to keep diya and take rest. Jigna refuses and says she will take out her diya when her husband accept her. Baa says she is lucky to have dutiful and sanskari bahu. Bakool comes to Sheena’s room. Sheena comes. He says she is looking beautiful. She wears ghunghat. He gets Baa’s call and asks him to bring the saree. Bakool says first I shall take it out. Baa asks him to come home fast, else people will say that a mum died because her son didn’t have suhaagraat. Bakool is shocked.


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Sheena asks Bakool if his mum asking about her and saree. Bakool says I didn’t tell her anything. Sheena is surprised. Harry waits for Bakool. Bakool tells that he brought the saree to get it ironed and says he did a mistake. He shall have convinced her for marriage first. He asks her to take out the saree and says you have this rasam when my maa gives saree to you. Sheena says she has seen his love and says she will continue wearing same saree. He asks her not to do sacrifice for him and throw the saree out of balcony. Servant asks Harry for what he is waiting for. Harry says plane. Servant says this is not airport. He asks him to tell truth. Harry says it is too hot here. Servant says you are joking with me and says I am a dangerous man. Harry asks him to tell what comes from above. Servant says air. Harry asks him to wear lungi and see. Sheena brings champagne and says cheers. Bakool thinks what to do?


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ranjeet comes to know that Bakool didn’t have suhaagraat last night. They plan to make him have tablet. Meanwhile Bakool tells Jigna that he will lift her ghunghat.

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