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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Bakool disconnecting call. Baa asks whom you will be dropping? Bakool says my boss and her dog. Baa asks him to tell Bakool tells that a dog entered Boss’ house and she is asking him to keep that dog in his house. Jigna tells Bakool that her Kaka is afraid of dogs. Bakool goes and sees Kaka coming with Sheena. He hugs him and asks where did you go? Kaka asks him to leave him else he will relieve himself. Sheena tells Bakool that they shall drop kaka to Koel’s house. Bakool tells Sheena that there is mad dog in Koel’s house, who gets mad seeing torn clothes. He tells Sheena that her jeans is torn and asks her to go home. Sheena asks him to drop kaka surely. Kaka ties his dhoti to his jeans. Sheena asks him to come home as she has a romantic idea seeing dhoti. Bakool gets an idea and runs taking Kaka’s dhoti. He comes home. Jigna asks Bakool whose dhoti is this?

Bakool says he bought dhoti for Kaka and asks her to go to ghanta baba and may be she will get him. Jigna goes. Sheena calls and asks Bakool to come, she emotionally blackmails him. He says I will come. Kaka collides with Baa. Baa scolds him and shouts seeing him without dhoti. She says I will beat you. Kaka says I take it straight. Baa takes out her chappal. Kaka calls her Maa ji. Baa asks don’t you have shame to tease lonely beautiful girl. He asks where? Baa says here. She beats him along with others.

Bakool comes to Sheena’s house. She throws dhoti on him.. He asks what is this? Sheena asks him to imagine that he is a dhoti guy and she is a English girl. She shares her romantic idea. Bakool says he will not wear it. Sheena asks him to wear and goes. Bakool thinks I have pulled Kaka’s dhoti and now my dhoti will be pulled. Jigna comes there. People inform her that this man was teasing Baa. Jigna says I will also beat him. Kaka says I take everything straight. Jigna asks who has beaten my Kaka and gets angry. Baa apologizes to Kaka. Kaka gives water melon to Jigna. Jigna gets happy.

Sheena wears modern outfit and asks Bakool to come wearing dhoti. Bakool says I am not comfortable. She asks him to come. He comes wearing dhoti with vest and fake moustaches. Sheena signs him to come. A song plays…

Kaka tells Jigna that someone took his dhoti and was beaten up also. Jigna asks him to open her eyes. He opens her eye with her hand. Jigna says now I can see house fully.

Kaka says your eye is open and my pain is not gone. Baa says young woman often do mistakes. Kaka says I have seen you, but not your jawaani. Baa says she will go and take her chappal. Jigna asks where is your dhoti. Kaka tells that the guy took his dhoti. Baa says she will get hot salt water. Jigna says she will bring clothes for him.

Sheena asks how are you and how dare you to come to my room. Bakool says he can hold her waist also. Sheena gets happy and hugs her. She says you will hold my waist. Bakool says he can hold her waist and talks in UP accent. Sheena asks what you will do with me. Bakool says you haven’t taught me after this. Sheena asks him not to kiss her. Bakool asks if she is giving him open invitation. Sheena says it is your thinking. Bakool turns her over. They have an eye lock.


Jaana Na Dil Se Door  20th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sheena and Bakool dance on the song. Bakool comes home and asks where did the cylinder burst. Jigna introduce Bakool to Kaka. Bakool is shocked.

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