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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Jigna dancing while whistling. Baa also whistles as she tries to talk. Neighbor says you are aunty and says don’t know how many guys will be beaten. Bakool comes home and tells that his voice is back. Jigna whistles. Bakool asks why you are whistling. Jigna talks and says she is happy. Baa whistles as she tries to speak. Bakool asks her not to joke and asks Jigna to tickle her. Jigna tickles her. Bakool realizes that whistle is stuck inside because of Bhoot. He says his whistle come out when someone pushed him and fell on her. He says I will push you. Baa says no. Bakool says I will eat poison. Baa agrees, but thinks her bones might break. Bakool asks why did you move and asks if she wants whistle to come out. Jigna runs towards Baa to push her, but falls on Bakool.

A song plays….Bhoot comes and throws ball, it falls on Baa and the whistle comes out. Baa gets happy and kisses Bhoot.

Jigna tells Bhoot and Baa that she knows English and says a for apple, b for bada apple, c for chota apple etc…Baa says this is not right. Bhoot tries to teach her rightly and asks her to say the poem. Jigna couldn’t say right. Baa asks her to leave. Bhoot says I will not teach you. Jigna asks him to teach her English so that she can read infront of Vishnu ji. Ravi Dubey hugs Sheena and asks why did his company chose him for the undergarments factory. Sheena says she sent him message. Ravi asks about her husband and says he knows him as he is his childhood friend. He says he is upset and asks why didn’t he call me for wedding. He says he will teach him a lesson. Ravi comes to Bakool’s house and performs stunt on his bike He removes the helmet….Khatron ke khiladi plays….All neighbors recognize him and says what a stunt. Ravi says he did stunt angrily and asks where is Bakool? Bakool asks what a surprise and hugs him. Ravi says you have given me pain. Bakool asks what did I do? He takes him home. Ravi greets Baa. Baa introduces Jigna as his wife. Ravi says she is also your wife.

Bakool says this is my only wife and says that was my boss. Ravi says he went to khatron ke khiladi, but he dare to marry twice. Bakool tells Ravi that his marriage was fixed in childhood. Baa asks him to teach Bakool how to make wife happy. Ravi says if he handles two branches then there will be problem. He says he takes Sargun to beach and makes her happy. Bakool asks him to do mimicry. Baa also asks him to do mimicry. He does mimicry and says at one side is sheher wali and other side is gaon wali. Jigna says even she wants to do mimicry. Bakool refuses. Ravi says let her act. Jigna and Baa also acts. Ravi asks him to do mimicry. Bakool refuses, but does mimicry and says whatever you told is truth.


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Hina Khan comes to Bakool house and beats Bakool thinking him to be dacoit. She sees Sheena and Jigna’s pic, says you have two wives.

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