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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Jigna telling Ranjeet that she came to give pillow to Vishnu ji. Ranjeet thinks even Harry got boils and thinks wife is sanskari, takes care of him. He comes to Harry and asks if he has boil also. Harry says no. Ranjeet says Jigna came and said. Bakool says yes, he got baaltod, boil too. Ranjeet asks why you both get at same spot. Harry says he had worn his underwear and that’s why got boil. Bakool asks how the underwears get exchanged? Bakool says once he stayed in his life and left underwear there. Harry wore same underwear and got the boils. Ranjeet says you have two homes and then also you stayed in his house, this is not right. Bakool gets tensed.

Neighbors asks Bakool if he got boils. Bakool asks who told you. They say Jigna Bhabhi told and suggest home remedy. Bakool gets angry and asks them to leave. He comes home. Jigna asks how is the baaltod. Bakool asks why did you tell everyone. Jigna asks him to calm down and says she told everyone and came to know about the remedy. She says I will apply chuna on it. Bakool says it is madness. Baa says she is doing this for your betterment. He says ok, come to bedroom. Baa asks him to wear bed sheet. Neighbor says I will help you. Baa covers him with bedsheet. Jigna applies hot chuna on his back. Bakool shouts in pain. Jigna says chuna is applied. Baa tells that she can’t see his face. Neighbor says it seems the boil is ripened.

Sheena tells Ranjeet what he is thinking? Ranjeet says he is thinking how can Bakool and Harry have boils on same place. Sheena says my baby is not like that and asks him not to over react. Ranjeet asks why did Bakool go and sleep with Harry in his house. He says why did he try to find excuses to escape. Sheena says she will try to keep eye on him. Dagdu hits Ranjeet. Ranjeet scolds him. Dagdu says they treat baltod like this in village and says they shall hit him. Sheena says she can’t see him beaten. Jigna comes to room and sees Bakool. Bakool says after chuna therapy, he can’t move. Jigna checks him. Baa hits him so that he can stand straight. He says he can’t move also. They roll him. He gets Sheena’s call. Baa picks call, but call is disconnected. Bakool snatches phone from her hand. He says I have to go to office. Baa says how you will go. Jigna says she will take him on thela/cart.

Ranjeet, Harry and Dagdu watch cricket. Ranjeet asks Dagdu to play and hit him. Dagdu hits him with bat. Harry shouts. Ranjeet asks him to hit him with bat again. Dagdu hit him. Harry says I got fine. Ranjeet says I will check, but then asks Dagdu to check. Dagdu says ok. Now we will use this formula on Bakool.

Jigna takes Bakool out with neighbors’ help on cart. Bakool says if anyone see me like this then what others will think. They put him on cart and says they are getting visarjan feeling. Baa asks jigna to take him. Jigna takes him.


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 2nd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Jigna tells Baa that she saw bad dream about Bakool and says he got married twice in dream. She says they shall get him married to buffalo, so that he don’t marry twice. Bakool is shocked as they chose buffalo for her.

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