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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Bakool telling Sheena that if she sees him like this, then he will do a mistake and says he don’t want to play this. Sheena says this is the time to fall. Humma Humma song plays. Bakool and Sheena dance on Humma song. Sheena tries to get closer to him and removes his dhoti. Bakool asks what you are doing. Maa Ka Ladla plays………….He gets Baa’s call and she tells him that gas cylinder is bursted. Bakool is shocked. Jigna asks why did you lie? Baa says he wouldn’t have come for your kaka. Bakool tells Sheena that he has to go as cylinder burst in his house. Sheena says I will also come. Bakool says my mum doesn’t know about you and he runs outside. Ranjeet gets happy seeing Bakool in under garments. Dagdu says may be Bakool remembered that. Ranjeet says he can’t let this happen. Baa and Jigna serve food to Kaka. Bakool runs home and asks Baa where is the cylinder? Jigna introduces him to Kaka. Kaka looks at him and says so he is your husband. Bakool folds his hand and signs him not to tell. Jigna asks him to bless Bakool. Kaka says I will wear specs first and see your face.

Bakool thinks he doesn’t see my face and switches off electricity. Kaka says he has become blind. Bakool says he will call the electrician and runs away. Baa checks the fuse and says it was tripped. Jigna says kaka couldn’t see his face. Kaka says I will see in the morning when he comes. Ranjeet tells Dagdu that Bakool didn’t come till now. Dagdu tells that he might went to get the torch. Ranjeet thinks of something else. Sheena comes and tells that Bakool went to his house as cylinder blasted. Dagdu tells Ranjeet that Bakool might be in Harry’s house. Ranjeet asks him to go and check in Harry’s house.

Jigna asks Kaka to tell her more stories and asks him to tell about monkey’s story. Kaka says if I tell you now then your husband’s face will become like that of monkey. Jigna asks Baa if this is true. Baa gets irritated and says whoever tells monkey story, their face will turn like monkey, but asks Kaka not to worry as he is Bhalu Kaka. Bhalu Kaka tells monkey story to Jigna. Jigna laughs. Baa is upset with Kaka as he relieves gas. Jigna laughs and asks him to tell more stories. Bakool is at Harry’s house. Harry laughs knowing Kaka reached home. He says Kaka is like chewing gum, stuck to your feet. He asks about his clothes.

Bakool asks him to give his clothes and asks him to take off his pajama. Harry asks have you gone mad. Bakool says my luck is bad. Harry says you got married twice and it is your mistake. Bakool asks him to give his pajama. Dagdu comes and sees Bakool trying to get Harry Pajama out and is shocked. He thinks this means Bakool loves Harry and thinks he is gay. He tries to record them in his phone, but Bakool sees Dagdu and asks why did you come here? Dagdu gives file and says Ranjeet gave this for Harry. Bakool asks why you are seeing us like this. Dagdu says it seems you both love each other. Harry says he is my jaan, you will not understand. Bakool asks him to take off his pant. Dagdu thinks to inform Ranjeet that they have dostana for sure.

Dagdu comes home and sings a song. Ranjeet slaps him and asks him to tell what happened? Dagdu tells that he is thinking and tells that Bakool is your enemy and loves Harry. He says Bakool was in Harry’s house and was doing his cheerharan. Ranjeet says if your words are not true then I will shoot you?


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sheena comes to Bakool’s cabin. He asks her to sit in his lap. She sits on his lap. Bakool comes home. Kaka gets angry seeing his face.

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