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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Bhalu Kaka spitting water on the ground. Baa asks if he is cleaning his throat or nala. He says he is cleaning his throat. Jigna brings milk and almonds for him. Kaka gets happy and you remember even now. Baa asks Jigna to keep some almonds inside and says he will feel hot. He says he will have cold lassi after having almonds. Baa asks what else you wants to take. Kaka tells her many dishes which he eats in a day. Kaka asks where is he? Jigna says he will come in the morning. Baa tells that Bakool works hard as guest come to their house. Kaka asks her to tell Bakool to deliver newspaper to many houses and earn money. Baa gets angry and says she will call Dholu, and says he will drop you to Bhav Nagar directly. Jigna asks him not to feel bad. He says I just free myself.

Bakool gets Baa’s call. He tells Harry that Baa is threatening to eat poison if I don’t go. Harry asks him to get bandage done on his face and act to have accident. Bakool refuses and says last time when he had acted to get injured in an accident, his two wives troubled him a lot. Sheena talks to her friend and says she will become Bakool’s secretary and romance with him.

Bakool comes to ghanta baba’s temple and asks him to show some way to hide his face. Just then some woman comes there and keeps gulaal plate there. Bakool gets an idea. He comes home hiding his face behind the sindoor and wears banana’s garland in his neck. Everyone are shocked. Kaka says so this is Bakool. Bakool says he is acting in a Monkey’s marriage drama, and tells the story. He says it is a tragedy for the monkey. Baa asks him to wash his face. Bakool says he can’t wash his face until he works in the drama. Kaka says I will not go until I see your face and asks Bakool if he is scared of him. Bakool says once I will show your face after my drama ends. He runs.

Bakool comes to Sheena’s house. Ranjeet comes to Harry and says he needs to talk to him. He asks why you are blackening your face with bakool. Sheena asks Bakool why he has applied color on her face. Bakool says so that his face don’t get black. Ranjeet says Dagdu saw you in compromising position with Bakool. Harry says we are just friends. Sheena asks Bakool to act with her in the office as it is a office drama. Bakool says if anyone sees us. Sheena says she gave off to everyone, including peon. Ranjeet asks Harry to call Jigna. Harry says Jigna stays in Bakool’s house as I stay most of the time in office. Ranjeet asks him to call Jigna here.

Baa asks Kaka to tell Katha. Neighbor asks why did she keep katha at home. Jigna tells that he was missing when he came here. She asks Kaka to start the katha. Sheena asks Bakool to start the drama. She says you are my boss and I am your secretary. She says you calls me for writing the note and asks me to close the door, and I get scared. Bakool says even I get scared. Sheena says you asks me not to get scared and asks me to sit on your lap. Bakool is tensed. Sheena says you made me write love letter and then you asks me to see in your eyes. Bakool says then somebody comes. Sheena says there is nobody on door and asks him to shut up. Bakool asks did you get some message to trouble someone. Sheena asks him to get ready and says she will also get ready. Bakool says I don’t want to play this.

Kaka asks Jigna to sprinkle gangajal on everyone to make them pure. Jigna throws water on Nandu’s head. Baa says then we will need more water. Kaka asks her to sprinkle few drops on everyone and starts katha.

Sheena comes to Bakool’s cabin wearing clothes like that of secretary. Ladki beautiful plays…..Bakool is sitting wearing suit and looks at Sheena.


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ranjeet calls Bakool and tells him that Harry is refusing to call Jigna. Bakool calls Baa and says Ranjeet is calling Jigna at home. Baa refuses to send her. Bakool comes to Harry wearing saree.

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