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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sheena asking Bakool to leave the veil thinking him to be Jigna. Bakool holds her hand. Sheena says you don’t do waxing. Bakool says hairs are grown due to rain. Ranjeet and Sheena are surprised. Jigna brings Bakool’s pic and asks Kaka to see. Kaka says he don’t want to see pic and says they see pics of dead people only. Jigna gets shocked and says nothing will happen to Vishnu ji and says she will make him meet Bakool. Baa says Bakool went to his boss house and asks her not to go, as Ranjeet sees her from different view. Kaka asks I will not leave that man and gets angry. Baa lets Jigna go on a condition and asks her not to show her face to then. Jigna promises him.

Ranjeet tells Jigna that Harry is betraying you and Bakool is also betraying my daughter Sheena because of him. He says only you can save my daughter’s life now. Dagdu sits down and acts to beg infront of Jigna and sees Bakool’s face. He is shocked and tells Ranjeet. Harry asks what nonsense? He says whenever I am drunk, I see Bakool in Jigna. Dagdu asks Ranjeet to check his face. Harry says she keeps moustache and beard with kajal. Ranjeet is shocked. Bakool manages to go to room and thinks why Papa is doubting on him. His phone rings. He picks the call. Baa tells him that Jigna is coming to his boss house. Bakool is shocked. Baa asks him to handle him and send Jigna’s kaka to Bhav Nagar, and bring room freshener etc.

Bakool thinks what to do now, if Jigna comes here with Kaka, then he will tell them that I am Sheena’s husband too. Jigna comes to Ranjeet’s house with Kaka. Kaka says this is Sheena’s house and tells that her husband is very mannerless. Dagdu asks Ranjeet to see Bakool’s face. Sheena calls Dagdu. Ranjeet asks him to go. Door bell rings. Bakool opens the door and closes it from outside. She looks at the saree and says it is mine. Bakool says he has brought from Malti. He says you can’t enter as Rahukaal have started and tells her that her husband asked her to come from back door. Jigna comes from back door. Bakool asks her to take tray and slap the person who lifts her veil. Jigna comes out. Ranjeet hears her and thinks her voice is changed. Kaka waits outside. Bakool changes the clothes and go out. He apologizes to Kaka. Kaka gets angry on him and says he wants to meet Jigna’s husband.

Bakool promises to make him meet his damad. Dagdu asks him to lift veil. Ranjeet lifts Jigna’s veil and is shocked to see her. Jigna gets angry and slaps him. Ranjeet gets furious on Dagdu. Harry falls on him and apologizes to Ranjeet, says she is unwell. He gives gun to Ranjeet. Ranjeet runs after him. Bakool calls Harry and asks him to come out. Jigna and Harry come out. Jigna asks did you like him. Kaka says he is not like monkey. Jigna asks him to bless them and asks Vishnu ji to come. Harry and Bakool bends down together. Kaka asks why did you bend down. Bakool says everyone shall take elders’ blessings. Kaka blesses them. Jigna asks when you will come. Kaka says whenever she misses him and goes to Bhav Nagar.


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sheena tells Baa that she will play handcuff game with her husband. She says I will have fun with my husband. Baa asks Jigna to handcuff him and have fun with him. Jigna says she will have fun with him and will make him happy.

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