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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sheena thinking where are you Bakool? Bakool thinks I tied the tigress there and got tied here. He asks where are you Jigna? Jigna comes to Baa doing garba and says she has worn clothes like Sridevi. Baa says you are looking beautiful and asks if she has done something. Jigna says she had fun with him. Baa gets happy and appreciates her. Jigna tells her that when Bakool entered room, she handcuffed his hands and then tied his feet and put cloth in his mouth. Baa asks then what did you do? Jigna says then I have fun. Baa asks what do you mean? Jigna dances like Naagin. Baa is shocked and says I asked you to have some fun and not to dance like this. Jigna says sorry. Baa says you are mad girl and goes to free him.

Dagdu comes to Sheena’s room and sees her tied to bed. He calls Ranjeet. Ranjeet asks if there is any theft here and is calling Police. Sheena thinks why you are listening to this donkey.

Jigna says sorry to Bakool. Bakool says you are mad girl. Jigna says Baa asked me to have fun with you. Bakool asks her to keep her tongue inside. Baa tells him that Jigna is trying to become modern for you and asks bakool to say sorry to Jigna. Bakool says ghanta and says you lied to me that you have fallen off from the stairs. Baa asks if he wants her to fall and asks Jigna to push her from stairs. Bakool say no and tells that he has some important work. Baa asks what work he has in office. Bakool tells that he has messed up in the office and runs from there, and says don’t know if he will be hand cuffed. Jigna says she will repent. Inspector asks Sheena to say. Ranjeet asks him to open her mouth. Baa thinks this way Jigna will not get Bakool or happiness. Jigna comes. Baa is shocked.

Inspector gets happy seeing her tied. He frees her hands and open cloth from her mouth. Ranjeet asks her to tell who tied him. Sheena thinks what to tell them and says nobody tied her. Inspector asks if she tied herself. Ranjeet says she is hungry and asks her to have food first.

Baa is shocked to see Jigna cuffed her hands and bandages her mouth. She reads the letter given by her. Baa asks how you will manage without talking. Inspector asks Sheena if her employee or Servant was involved. Dagdu suspect Harry. Sheena says he can’t be Harry, but she didn’t see his face. Inspector says he will not leave Harry. Bakool comes. Sheena asks where did you go and calls him baby. Inspector gets touched and tells that he will not leave the thief. Bakool is shocked. Sheena tells him that thief came after Bakool went. Neighbors see jigna tied and doubts that Baa or Bakool must have handcuffed her. Jigna beats them.

Sheena scolds Bakool for leaving her tied to bed. Bakool says Baa fell down from the stairs. Sheena says she is feeling guilty and will go and meet her. Bakool says I haven’t told Baa about our marriage else she will get heart attack. Sheena thinks to meet her.


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Inspector comes to Baa’s house and says somebody complained that you have handcuffed your bahu. He says we will arrest your son also.