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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sheena crying. Ranjeet asks her not to cry and says he will get more jewellery for her. Bakool comes there and tells that he managed to get jewellery from goons. Sheena asks him to give 5 lakhs. Ranjeet says it was just worth 1500 Rs. Sheena says it was fake. Ranjeet says if thief had stolen real jewellery then we would have suffered loss. Sheena says I hate you. Ranjeet says but I love you. Bakool thinks miser man. He comes home and thinks to sleep before Jigna sees him. Jigna comes and asks if he could manage to get the money. Bakool says he will get it by tomorrow. Jigna threatens to drink poison and hangs poison bottle on her neck. Baa also threatens to die. He comes to office. Harry says they shall get loan from Ranjeet. Bakool says he don’t give salary on time and will not give loan. He watches news about the thief and gets an idea. Bakool makes plan to kidnap himself. Sheena hears him.

Bakool says he will get money from Ranjeet. Sheena says so this is the plan. Harry calls on Ranjeet’s number and tells that his damad is kidnapped. Sheena thinks Bakool is playing game and gets excited. Ranjeet takes the call from Dagdu. Harry asks him to give money else he will give Bakool to dogs. Ranjeet tells same thing to Sheena. Sheena says she is fine.

Ranjeet comes to Baa’s house and tells that Bakool is kidnapped. He leaves. Jigna tells Baa that she will go and bring her husband back. Ranjeet calls Sheena and says he is really kidnapped and we have to go where kidnappers asked them to come. Sheena says she is going to get Bakool freed from the kidnappers. Some real goons come there and ask Sheena to come with them. She says she will come with them and knows who have sent them. The goons say that they have come by themselves. Jigna comes to the said place and keeps bag. Harry thinks she came with the bag and picks it up. Jigna comes back and beats him badly asking where is Bakool.

Kidnappers take Sheena to some place. Sheena says this place is dirty and no AC here. Goon says we can get AC after having money. Sheena says she can adjust, and asks them to give her health conscious food. She says she will imagine herself to be tied. Goon says she is so cooperative. Sheena says she is doing this for her baby. They ask age of her baby. Sheena says your boss.

Goon says this is our boss. Sheena laughs at him. Goon says I will kill you. Sheena says I am scared and gets gun from their hand. They hide behind the boxes. Sheena says you are good actors and fires gun in air. She gets shocked and realizes that she got kidnapped.


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sheena tells that she asked Bakool to book Ganapati for them. Jigna likes same idol, shop keeper gives that idol to Baa and Jigna. Bakool gets scared and thinks whenever he tries to make one wife happy, other wife fails his plans.

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