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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Inspector coming to Baa’s house and says somebody complained that you have handcuffed your bahu. Baa says she is dear to me and tells that she herself handcuffed her. Bakool comes and recalls he is the same Inspector. Inspector gets his wife’s call and talks to her. He then asks Baa where is your son? Baa calls Bakool. Bakool asks if Inspector left. Baa says no and tells that Inspector came because of Jigna. Bakool tells her that he can’t come as Harry is accused of robbery and ends the call. Harry and Bakool are hiding in the temple as beggars wearing blanket. People think them beggars and give money. Bakool tells Harry that Jigna is torturing him since his marriage. Harry says because of your Sheena, Police is after me. Bakool says Dagdu took your name and asks why did you say that you will steal the money from the locker. Harry says sorry. Bakool asks him to be underground for sometime. A woman gives vada pav to Bakool.

Bakool says I am not a beggar. Baa brings Jigna to meet Inspector. Inspector says it is clear that you have tortured her and says even he has a wife and she never keep quiet, and tortures him. Baa asks him to take Jigna’s statement. Inspector asks Jigna to tell. Jigna signs something. Inspector says he will arrest Baa. Baa asks her to open her mouth and tell Inspector. Jigna runs in the house refusing to free her mouth.

Sheena runs after Ranjeet and asks why did he file police complaint, and asks him to take back the case. Ranjeet says ok and asks her to call her aunty and take advice to make him Nana. Sheena says no. Ranjeet insists. Inspector gets tired and asks if they are playing with him. He gets his wife’s call again and talk to her. Baa says Jigna wants to convey her message through dumb charades. Jigna tells Inspector through dumb charades that he is punishing herself for hurting her husband. Inspector says I will not leave my wife and praises Jigna. He leaves. Bakool comes home. Baa asks him to open Jigna’s handcuff and forgive her. Bakool forgives her and opens handcuff and also open her mouth. Jigna asks if he is angry. Bakool says no and says I am happy and forgiving her. Jigna asks really and laughs.

Baa and Jigna do garba. Bakool gets Harry’s call. Pandit ji is having tea at Ranjeet’s house and sneezes. Sheena comes and asks why did you call him. Ranjeet says he called him to check kundlis and thief came to their house. Sheena says she needs to be checked by the doctor. Pandit ji asks Dagdu to bring tea. Ranjeet asks him to bring hot water with tea leaves. Sheena thinks how to tell Ranjeet that it was her mistake and Pandit ji is complicating the things. Bakool comes out and thinks don’t know where is Harry. Harry comes wearing burqa and sign him. Bakool says I am a married man. Harry says you are married twice. Bakool is shocked. Harry shows his face.


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Jigna asks Harry what he would like to have, thinking her to be woman. Harry says coffee. Baa and Jigna are shocked.

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