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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Harry telling Bakool that he got beaten up because of him. Bakool says sorry and tells that he will be beaten much in future also. Jigna gets happy seeing him. Bakool says thank jigna, thinks for ruining my plan. Jigna asks him to call his boss as he was worried. Bakool calls Ranjeet and tells that Jigna saved him and asks him to tell Sheena not to worry. Ranjeet informs him that kidnapper has kidnapped Sheena and asked to bring money. Jigna asks what did he say? Bakool says boss asked me to get kidnapper arrested. He asks jigna to home. Jigna leaves. Bakool tells Harry that Sheena is kidnapped, and they have to rescue her. They come to kidnapper’s place. Sheena says he is her baby and asks Harry what happened to his hairs and face.

He says he got tanned due to hot weather etc. Goon says big baby. Sheena says he will beat you much now. Harry says we got money. Goon says you are so understanding. Sheena says she won’t let her father’s hard earned money go in their hands and snatches the money bag. Bakool and Harry beat the goons.

Bakool asks Sheena if she is fine? Sheena says this kidnapping happened because of misunderstanding, says she heard his plan about kidnapping. She asks him to keep money. Bakool asks won’t you ask me why do I need it. Sheena says she don’t want to ask. Bakool is touched. He comes home and tells Jigna that he brought money and is fine too. Jigna cries and says she saw another dream. Bakool is shocked.

Bakool comes to buy Ganesha idol. Sheena asks Ranjeet and Dagdu to maintain peace at home and says she is going to bring Ganapati idol in the house. Dagdu says we shall buy. Sheena says she asked Bakool to bring it. Bakool selects a Ganapati and sends pic to Sheena. Sheena likes the pic and gives money to owner, says he will pick it in evening, else his wife will come and take it. Jigna says breakfast is ready. Baa tells Jigna that she is fasting to bring Ganapati home so that happiness enters their home. Jigna says she prays that Bakool gets 4 branches work. Baa says 2 is enough. Neighbors come and asks Baa about the idol. Baa says we will go and bring Ganapati Bappa from the same place. They come to the same shop. Jigna likes the same idol which Bakool bought for Sheena. Baa says ok, we will buy this. Salesman says it is sold. Jigna asks him to make same idol. Owner comes and greets Baa. Baa says the selected idol is sold. Owner says this idol is bought by Bakool and gives idol to Baa. Jigna and Baa bring idol home. Neighbors dance and celebrate Ganapati Sthapana.

Ranjeet decorates the house while Dagdu instructs him. Ranjeet asks who is owner, you or me and threatens to fire him. Dagdu says I will fire you from my owner’s job. Ranjeet asks him to do decoration. Bakool comes there and calls Sheena. He says owner said that idol is taken by his wife. Ranjeet asks if you have second wife. Bakool thinks Jigna must have taken it. He says may be shop keeper misunderstood. Sheena asks him to bring same idol. He comes home and sees Ganesha idol in his house. He says whenever he tries to make one wife happy, other wife ruins it. Jigna comes and says he bought idol of her choice. Bakool says he is very surprised today and tells that shop keeper said that she brought different idol. Baa says your name chit was on this idol. Jigna says God is placed here, now he can’t move from this place. Bakool says sthapana haven’t happen till now. Baa supports Jigna. Bakool says I will take this idol from here. Baa says I am your Maa and says even your Pappa can’t take it.

Bakool tells Harry that his result is failed because of Jigna and Baa. Harry asks what did she do? Bakool says Jigna is stubborn about that idol. Harry asks him to bring same idol. Bakool says he went to the shop, but there was just 1 same idol in the shop, and says Baa said that even if papa moves then the idol will not be moved from there. Harry asks what did Baa say and asks him to say again. He gets an idea and laughs. Bakool says what? Harry says your Papa can’t come, but Ganapati Bappa’s Papa can come to take idol. Bakool says Shiv ji and smiles.


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Bakool appears infront of Jigna and asks her to make idol of Aata and takes idol from there. Later Jigna brings Aata idol. Bakool tells the same dialogues. Baa asks how do you know Shastra. Bakool says he read after getting married twice.

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