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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Bakool identifying Harry in burqa. Harry says Police is after me because of you. Bakool asks him to come to his house. Pandit ji tells Ranjeet that his Shani is at wrong side. Ranjeet gets tensed. Sheena thinks Pandit again started kid drama and thinks to make him run. She pretends to talk to someone and tells that Pandit ji is here. She tells Pandit ji that someone is coming to kill him with gun. Pandit ji gets shocked and runs from there. Sheena laughs and gives hifive to Ranjeet.

Bakool brings Harry home in burqa. Baa calls Bakool and says Harry has stolen in boss house and says she will slap him and leave him in the police station. Harry gets upset. Baa asks who is she in burqa. Bakool says she is Zeenat kumari. Baa asks what she is doing here. Bakool asks Jigna to bring water. Jigna asks what he would like to have tea or coffee. Harry says rose water. Bakool asks him to tell what he needs. He says I will take sherbet. Baa asks why did he bring her here. Bakool says he can’t drop her there. Baa asks if Boss is having affair with her. Bakool says yes. Baa says she can know loneliness and tells Bakool that she is lonely since his father embrace sanyas and left for Himalayas. Baa says you can stay here.

Harry gets angry at Bakool . Bakool says atleast you got chance to stay here. Jigna brings juice. Baa asks him to drink. Bakool thinks he is smashed between Sheena and Jigna.

Ranjeet calls Dagdu and says we have to go to meet Bakool’s mum as she is hurt. Sheena thinks this is the perfect chance to call Bakool home.

Jigna greets the neighbors in their locality and laughs. Bakool asks why you are laughing. She says she wants to convey the message that their family is happy one. She says lets go to ganta baba temple. He gets Sheena’s call and she tells him that she got an idea of a fantasy. Bakool says one more fantasy. Sheena threatens to hang herself if he don’t come. Bakool agrees to come. Ranjeet and Dagdu comes to Baa’s house. Ranjeet says I came to know that you are hurt. Baa thinks he might have heard when I talk to Bakool and says she fell down, but now she is fine.

She asks them to sit. Ranjeet asks if there is nobody at home. Baa asks her to have patience and says you are talking about your guest, and says I will bring Zeenat Kumari. Ranjeet is doubtful. Baa comes to Harry and asks her to come. Ranjeet asks who is Zeenat? Baa brings Zeenat. Ranjeet tells that he is meeting her for first time. Baa asks him to meet her nicely and asks Dagdu to come. Ranjeet gets up and smiles.

He asks who are you? Harry says I am your close guest and acts naughty with him. Ranjeet is surprised.

Sheena makes Bakool dressed as yamraj. Bakool asks when your fantasy will end and when will this madness stop. Sheena says this is called love and says yamraj ek prem katha. She says lets play this game. Bakool is tensed.

He laughs like yamraj. Sheena tells the dialogues and asks him to hold her hand. Bakool says the dialogues. Sheena asks him to be in character. Bakool says I don’t want to play this yamraj. Sheena asks him not to spoil the game and says you have to tell that you can hold me fully. Bakool gets tensed.


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sheena dances with Bakool while a song plays…..Harry tells Baa and Jigna that she is afraid when alone. Jigna says I will sleep with you. Harry says no.