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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Ranjeet telling Bakool about the concept of Rocky Underwear . Harry says liner is written by Bakool. Ranjeet says he don’t want model like Ravi Dubey who is busy and says our product model shall be an ordinary man. Harry thinks he is trying to save money. Ranjeet jokes that people will see each other underwear and says even they have same. Bakool says I will write. Ranjeet asks him to write fast and give it to him. Bakool asks Harry to think. Harry asks why did you take the responsibility. Sheena comes and asks Bakool to come and dance with her, and tells about her friends’ party. Bakool says I can’t dance or come with you as I have pressurize with work. He says Papa asked me to write jingle. Sheena asks Harry to come with her and become her dance partner. She takes him. Bakool thinks it is not easy to write jingle and thinks. Jigna reads twinkle twinkle little star…and asks Bakool what is next. Bakool asks her to shut up. Jigna asks baa. Baa tells twinkle twinkle. Bakool says it is twinkle twinkle little star. Jigna tells the jingle for underwear. Bakool asks her to keep quiet. He changes his place to concentrate.

Sheena comes to Harry’s cabin and sees him hiding. She catches him and asks why did you hide. She says she didn’t ask him to work in the house. Harry says he can’t dance as she is of Bakool. Sheena says she wants to make Bakool jealous and says I have no interest in you. She says Bakool should realize that I have chosen langor leaving angoor. Harry is shocked. Sheena emotionally blackmails him. He agrees.

Jigna comes to hall wear hat and holding toy gun. Baa says Jigu bahu. Jigna tells something. Bhoot asks what you are saying? Jigna says I have watched English film and is now talking in English fluently. Baa says I couldn’t understand. Jigna says even I can’t understand, but we soon learn and understand.

Just then Bakool gets Ranjeet’s call and he asks him why did he write twinkle twinkle little star, ek packet me chaddi char…..He says what I will say to client now. Bakool blames Jigna for this and tells Baa that he sent Jigna’s jingle by mistake, and now Boss is scolding him and he may lose the job. Jigna says sorry. Bakool asks her not to open her mouth infront of him and asks her to be silent and goes. Baa asks Jigna not to feel bad. Jigna takes oath that she will not talk infront of Bakool.

Sheena asks Harry to keep his hand on her hand and says she is taking him to disco. Harry says Bakool will feel bad and tells that he will not go to disco and will go home. Sheena says Bakool will be jealous seeing him best. Bakool comes home. Sheena asks Harry to come closer to her and dance so that their good chemistry is shown. Bakool thinks to beat Harry and ruin his geography. He calls Sheena. Sheena says she is practicing with Harry. She holds his hand and practices. Harry feels shy. Sheena says you will feel free after going with me to disco. Bakool asks you are going to disco and says he will come with her. Harry says Bakool is ready. Sheena says you don’t have time for me and says he will go with Harry only. She goes. Ranjeet comes home and tells that dealer like the jingle made by you. He says he wants two more jingles like that. Bakool is surprised. Ranjeet asks her to give two more jingles by morning. Bakool thinks to make Jigna have jalebi to get jingles.


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Hina Khan comes to the show and sings lag jaa gale……Jigna also sings. Hina Khan tells Bakool that she will call Sheena.

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