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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Baa teaching Jigna how to walk wearing high heels sandals. She slips and falls down. She tells that she couldn’t balance due to heavy weight and asks Jigna to wear it and walk so that Bakool falls in love with her. Neighbors look inside the house and tells that Jigna Bhabhi is looking good in heels. Baa scolds them. Jigna walks wearing sandals, but falls down and says sorry. Bakool comes and asks Baa to make his tiffin ready. Baa asks him to see Jigna’s heels. Bakool laughs and asks from where did you get it and tells Jigna can’t walk even two steps wearing this. Baa says she will walk all life with you. Jigna walks towards Bakool. High heels song plays…Neighbors cheer for her. Jigna slip Bakool holds her in a romantic pose. Rang De Tu Mohe plays…..Bakool says I told that she will be villagers only. Jigna says sorry. Baa says she will win you one day with her love.

Sheena tells Ranjeet that she is very happy and hugs him. She says she has learnt to wear saree and makes him wear it. She says you are looking handsome aunty. Her phone rings and she goes. Ranjeet is standing wearing saree. Dagdu comes and hugs him, thinks new healthy servant came. Ranjeet scolds him and says now I knew why servant don’t stay for long. Bakool and Harry talking to each other. Bakool says Jigna makes nice good and is sanskari too. Harry says you have sanskari and modern wives both. Bakool tells that Baa likes Jigna and wants to see Jigna in every woman. Ranjeet hears him and thinks he will make Sheena like Jigna. He comes to cabin and tells that he came to invite Harry to his house with Jigna.

Bakool tries to make him change the mind, but Ranjeet is adamant and asks Harry to bring Jigna for dinner. Bakool and Harry come home. Baa refuses to let Jigna go with Harry to Ranjeet’s house as his wife. Harry says if we don’t act then we will lose our job. Bakool asks her to understand. Baa regrets to tell Ranjeet that Jigna is Harry’s wife and scolds him. She says she will not send Jigna. Bakool asks her to understand and says we will not get good job like this. Baa agrees and asks what we will tell to Jigna. Bakool says we will not tell her, and tells that I won’t let her lift her ghunghat. Baa asks them to take someone else. Bakool says Dagdu will identify her if the ghunghat is lifted. Baa agrees. Jigna comes wearing ghunghat. Bakool says his boss is flirt type.

Bakool, Jigna and Harry come to Ranjeet’s house. Ranjeet says she seems to be sanskari doll. Dagdu asks why she went with Bakool. Harry says she went with her brother in law. He asks why did you call us sir for dinner. Ranjeet says I called Jigna so that Sheena can learn from Jigna. Jigna asks who is sheena. Ranjeet says my daughter and Bakool’s….Bakool says boss and tells Ranjeet that Baa doesn’t know about Sheena. Sheena comes and says hi to Jigna. Jigna says jai shree Krishna. Sheena says she must be feeling suffocated and asks Jigna to lift her veil. Bakool says she can’t lift veil as whenever she goes out, she don’t lift her ghunghat and is very sanskari. Ranjeet asks Sheena to learn this from Jigna. Sheena says she can’t have ghunghat and asks Jigna to become modern. Bakool says she can’t be modern as she is a villager and likes this way. Sheena says she couldn’t see properly also, and asks where is her husband sitting? Jigna points towards Bakool.


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Jigna slaps Ranjeet. Harry tells Bakool that he is trapped because of his wife and says he will tell him truth. Ranjeet comes and asks what. Sheena tells Bakool that they will be going to Shimla. Baa also plans to send them out.