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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Baa asking Jigna not to get angry and speak to Bakool else happiness will not come home. Jigna says she is not upset, but will not talk to Bakool. Baa says whenever her husband asked her not to talk to her then he had to bring doctor as she used to had stomach pain. Bakool comes calling Jigna as Jiggu. He shows her jalebis and talks to her nicely asking her to have it. Jigna couldn’t resist jalebis and eats it. Bakool asks her to tell more poems. Jigna don’t speak to him and goes. Baa tells him that Jigna is angry with him and will not talk to him. Bakool gets worried how to make jingle. Sheena thinks about Bakool and talks to Ranjeet. Ranjeet appreciates Bakool’s work. Sheena says idiot. Dagdu says you shall not call your Papa as idiot. Ranjeet says he made a good jingle. Sheena is angry with Bakool. Ranjeet tells that their sales will increase with Bakool’s jingle and says he will give him a surprise. Sheena says but I will give him a shock.

Bakool thinks it is very difficult to think like Jigna and write. He puts cotton in his ears. Jigna thinks she knows how to make him hear. She gives him milk. He says he don’t drink milk. Jigna thinks our villager men drinks. Bakool asks her to say the same. He lies down on the bed. Jigna is about to throw milk on him. He gets up and drinks the milk. Bhoot teaches humpty dumpty poem. Jigna makes funny lines out of poem. Bakool comes. Jigna becomes silent. Bakool asks her to continue reading. He asks what she packed in tiffin. Jigna calls Baa and asks her to tell Bakool what is in tiffin. She goes. Bakool thinks Jigna have to take my name when dacoit comes in night.

Sheena comes to Harry’s cabin and finds him hiding. He tells her that Bakool is much jealous. Bakool comes there. Sheena starts acting and tells Harry that they had a romantic dance together etc. Bakool gets angry and jealous. He asks Harry to go. Sheena says he is giving me company and asks Bakool to do work. She asks Harry to lift her if he can and then tells that it is a music album and takes Harry with her. Bakool comes out and sees the car shaking. He gets angry and shouts Harry. Sheena says they were checking the car’s petrol tank. She asks Harry to come home and says she will make him hear the music album.

Bakool beats Harry and says he will lock him in lift and throws company’s underwear on him. Harry tells him that he is not interested in Sheena, but she is interested in him. Bakool asks what is in you and tells that you ends just as you starts. Harry says I am not that short. Bakool says Sheena is my wife and you can’t take her advantage, just because I can’t do anything with her. Dagdu hears him and thinks he must be having incapable in his manhood.

Sheena talks to her friend on phone and says Bakool was jealous seeing car shaking and says now he will think about her only all the time. Bakool comes to his house wearing dacoits costume and asks her to give gold and call her Vishnu ji. Jigna says daku. Hina Khan of Khatron ke khiladi comes there, performs stunt and catches Bakool. Bakool is shocked. Hina Khan beats him. Jigna asks her to beat him more.


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Hina Khan sings song. Jigna tries to sing. Hina asks her to sing song to make people go. She sees Sheena’s pic and tells Bakool that she will inform Sheena that he has two wives.

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