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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sheena asking Jigna to tell where her husband is sitting. Jigna points towards Bakool. Sheena says she couldn’t identify right. Everyone laughs. Ranjeet asks Dagdu to serve food. They sit for having food. Sheena asks Jigna what she can make? Jigna says so many dishes. Harry says he eats daily. Ranjeet asks her to make them have the food someday. Jigna says 100 percent sure and asks him to come. Harry asks Ranjeet if he is free tomorrow. Bakool says what do you mean and says Harry will bring food. Sheena tells Bakool that he is possessive about Ranjeet and calls him baby. Jigna asks if they have baby at home. Bakool whispers asking her to have food. Ranjeet asks her to have food while lifting ghunghat.

Harry says once she participated in the race with ghunghat and won also. Jigna laughs Ranjeet tries to see her face and says your laugh some good.Bakool whispers asking her not to show her face. Ranjeet asks what you are saying? Bakool says I am praising you. Ranjeet asks Harry to lift her ghunghat. Harry says she does all works while being in ghunghat. Sheena rubs her foot on Bakool’s foot. Bakool gets an idea and rubs his foot on Sheena’s foot, so that she thinks Ranjeet is doing this. Jigna thinks Ranjeet is doing this and slaps him. Everyone is shocked. Ranjeet is shocked.

Next day, Harry tells Bakool that Ranjeet will kick on his back as Jigna slapped him, and says she is your wife, but I am trapped. I will tell truth to him. Ranjeet comes and asks what happened? Bakool says Jigna has an illness and tells that yesterday she got an attack and that’s why slapped you. Ranjeet says why didn’t you tell me yesterday. Bakool says even we came to know today. Harry says yes. Ranjeet says you should know as she is your wife. Bakool says he knows everything, but it is not good to share her illness talk with everyone. Harry says yes. Ranjeet says I am not kicking you out of job and asks him to get Jigna treated by a good doctor. Harry thanks Ranjeet and then Bakool. Bakool says his mind runs faster.

Jigna is cleaning the house, standing on the stool. Bakool is going to office. He stares her back and comes near her. Jigna falls in his lap. They have an eye lock. Baa comes and gets happy seeing them romantic, and says you have lifted her like SRK. Bakool says she fell on my lap. Jigna says sorry for slipping on his arms. Baa asks him to lift her. She asks him to take her out and talks sweet. Bakool says I talked sweet in the morning and asks her to ask. Jigna shyly tells that he asked me to add less sugar in tea. Baa gets upset and asks him to take her out. He asks Baa to take her out and goes. Baa tells Jigna that she will send them out of city.

Ranjeet books tickets for Bakool and Sheena. Dagdu says you shall go to teetra yatra before death. Ranjeet says I booked tickets for Sheena and Bakool and sending them to hill station. Sheena gets happy and says you are taking me to Switzerland.

Ranjeet says I am sending you to Shimla. Sheena says its name is middle class and refuses to go. Ranjeet says both are same, and says what’s a problem. Sheena says you are a miser. Dagdu asks Ranjeet to send her to Shimla. Ranjeet says he will get same results, then why to spend some. Ranjeet says I have sold undergarments and brought this suit etc. He says they will go to Shimla and bring good news for me. Dagdu says ok.


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sheena tells Baa that she is going to Shimla on Sunday with her husband. Baa informs Bakool. Bakool is shocked.