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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Baa teaching cooking halwa to Sheena. Sheena tastes it and likes it. She says once she tried to make halwa, but even cat didn’t like it as it was sugary and rubbery. Baa says even your husband will eat this and says she will teach her mong ka halwa on Sunday. Sheena says she is going with her husband on Sunday. Baa asks where you are going? Sheena says Shimla and asks her to send his son and daughter in law and says its weather is good. Baa says she will send them and asks her to tell the hotel room, and says she will send them to the same hotel. Sheena says she will give her short dresses to her bahu and says your son will be happy. Baa thanks her.

She comes home and tells Jigna about her plan to send her to Shimla. Jigna says how I will go alone. Baa says you will go to Bakool alone. Jigna says alone, what I will do. Baa asks her to do what others do. Jigna feels shy. Baa gives her modern outfits and asks her to win Bakool. Jigna says she can’t wear these clothes, and asks if Vishnu ji will get upset. Baa says no and says Bakool will be happy to see her in this dress and says the more the short will be the dress, the more big will be the family. Jigna laughs.

Bakool comes to Sheena’s home and asks why did you call me. Sheena says she called him to have halwa. Bakool says he was in meeting with Chaddha. Sheena makes him have it. Bakool says it is like my mum made. Sheena asks did you like it? Bakool says it is so tasty and asks do you really made this. Sheena says yes and says her friend taught her. She tells him about her honeymoon plan. Bakool says he has not thought about it and says if Boss comes to know about it. Sheena says he has only planned this. Bakool says what was the hurry and asks where they are going? Sheena says Shimla and says the hotel is honeymoon couple special. Sheena hugs him and says I was thinking to inform Mummy. Sheena says that is your problem, and we are going for sure, and asks him to better understand.

Nandu comes and gives bag to Baa after getting it repaired. Baa scolds him for using remaining money to buy wine. Bakool comes home and Baa tells him that she is sending him to Shimla. Bakool is shocked. Baa says she planned to send Jigna and him to Shimla. Bakool is shocked and says I will not go anywhere, have much work in office. Bakool asks her to send him to some other place. Baa asks her to take her to haridwar in a pot and threatens to eat poison. Bakool says I will come. Jigna looks at the short dress and laughs. Bakool asks what is this? Jigna says Baa asked her to wear small clothes in honeymoon and says their family will become big if she wears short clothes and tells that baa shopped for her and even planned honeymoon. Bakool says I will not go with you. Jigna calls Baa. Baa says dholu. Bakool says I will go. Jigna gives him list about the things to be bought. Baa comes and says she has booked hotel room too. Bakool says if it is hotel mid night Inn. Baa says yes. Bakool is shocked. Baa says she knows her son’s choice.

Bakool informs Harry. Harry says both wives in the same hotel. Bakool says what I will do now. Harry asks God why did he give two wives to Bakool and not one to him. Bakool says I have to die eventually. Harry asks him to have honeymoon. Bakool refuses and asks him to save him from honeymoon. Harry says I will talk to travel agent. Agent calls Ranjeet and Baa and tell that the way is blocked due to the heavy rains and cancels the booking. Bakool thanks Harry and asks how did you do this? Harry says he convinced agent and gave him another booking. Bakool thanks him for saving him from both his wives. They see Dagdu and asks if he heard anything. Dagdu says he made their film and will show to Ranjeet, laughs. Harry holds him. Bakool says don’t know which test I have to take up.


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