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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Bakool thinks to delete the video and asks Dagdu to understand. Dagdu says I remember everything that you are damad of this son and Sheena married you. Bakool says you remember everything. Dagdu says what you want to know. Bakool says I came to meet Sheena. Dagdu says they are not at home. Bakool thinks this is the right time to delete the video. He sees mobile in his pant pocket and tries to get it. Dagdu asks what do you want? Bakool asks him to bring water. He thinks how to take the mobile back. Baa bargains while buying vegetables. She then asks him to add money in the old calculations. Jigna comes and says she came to thank the Ghanta Baba for saving them from the trouble. Baa asks what? Jigna says we would have stuck in Shimla due to rains. She says Bakool might be unhappy. Baa asks her to make bitter gourd sabzi. Bakool thinks to take his phone while dancing and dances with him. He then asks him to bring cold water.

Dagdu thinks it seems sasur and damad’s taste are same. He checks Dagdu’s phone and deletes the video. Dagdu brings cold water. Bakool gives his phone. Dagdu asks him to take water. Bakool says he will drink in office. Ranjeet and Sheena come back home. Ranjeet asks for water. Dagdu tells them that Bakool came and left. Ranjeet says they are going to Kerala for honeymoon. Dagdu shows him video. Ranjeet slaps him for showing the song and looks at the video.

Bakool comes to office and tells that he has deleted the video with much difficulty. Juhi comes crying. Bakool asks what happened? Juhi asks why men are sensitive, and asks if bitter gourd is bad. Bakool says no. Juhi says she cooked it for her boyfriend and says he didn’t like it. Harry says it is Bakool’s favorite. Juhi asks him to eat. Bakool says it is tempting, but I am full now. Juhi asks him to have it. Harry asks him to eat. Bakool agrees and tastes it. He gives a tensed look and digest it with much difficulty. Juhi asks did you like it? Bakool asks her to give and says he will eat later. Sheena dances with Baa and teases her. Baa asks did you see you in the saree.

Sheena says I will become desi and then meet her. She tells that her husband got mad eating the halwa. Baa says you really want to win your husband and that’s why trying to do this. Sheena asks about her bahu. Baa praises her qualities and asks Sheena to taste it. Sheena tastes it and asks what is this? Baa says it is bittergourd. Sheena says it is so tasty. She tells that she is going to Kerala and will romance with her husband in the boat house. Baa asks what is that? Sheena says house in the water. Baa asks her to write name of the hotel and give her, and says she will send her son and daughter in law there. Sheena asks her to teach the dish and says she will feed her baby. Baa says he will get happy eating this.

Bakool comes home and asks Baa to serve the food. Jigna comes and serves him bittergourd sabzi. Bakool says I don’t want to eat it and asks her to go. Jigna calls Baa. Bakool says I will see you one day. Baa comes and says you came home. Jigna asks him to eat and says villager men have this. Bakool says I am not a villager. Jigna says but you are man naa. Bakool says no and then says yes. Baa says she remembers Kerala hearing kerela. Bakool asks I didn’t understand. Jigna says Baa is sending us for honeymoon there.


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Baa tells Jigna that Bakool will make her taste sweet and then her heart will ask for khatta. Jigna says she will ask him to bring basundi. Sheena informs Bakool that Ranjeet wants to send them to Kerala for honeymoon. Bakool is shocked.