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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with vibhu Tiwari playing chess at night and pelu is watching. Vibhu says its fun playing chess and drinking alcohol with it. Tiwari says yes it is a game of nawabs. Vibhu says yes nawab Wahid ali shah loved chess too and before he died he asked people to put his alcohol bottle and chess game in his coffin. Tiwari says yes. Then he says look I killed your horse, now you play. Vibhu says you killed my horse, then here goes my queen and kills your rookie. Tiwari says just look properly, my 2nd horse has checked your king. Vibhu says oh yes! Wow, Tiwari ji you are a good player, you checked my king, it’s a tough chance now, let see. In balcony, anita comes and says vibhu what are you doing? Tiwari says hello Bhabhi ji! Anita says vibhu come fast, Tiwari says he is playing.

Anita says did I ask you? anita says vibhu come home fast, you are doing too much now. anita goes. As Tiwari and vibhu play, anguri comes in balcony and says laddo ke bhaiya come home. vibhu says hello Bhabhi ji. Tiwari says yes go I will come. Anguri says come fast, what are you wasting time? Tiwari says go I will come. Anguri says come fast, anguri goes. Tiwari says these wives are so annoying. Vibhu says yes, anita has a problem with me always. Tiwari says even I cannot say anything about anguri, she annoys me in some matters too.

At night, at gulfam kali’s kotha, gulfam kali is dancing and tika malkhan happu singh and prem enjoy as they eat peanuts and drink alcohol. After gulfam finishes dancing, she says so guys now give me my reward. They all still keep drinking, gulfam says give me money which I deserve. Prem says why do you keep saying money so much? Don’t worry, dance again and make us feel good then we will give you. happu says yes, please excite us. Gulfam says so many programs you have not given me money and I need it. tika malkhan say don’t worry, dance again we will give you the money. Gulfam says but I njeed it now. no one listens, gulfam is angry and says now I will not dance until I get my money, gulfam goes angrily.

Next day anguri wakes up and doesn’t see Tiwari, she says where did Tiwari go in the morning? Anguri goes outside house to search and comes to vibhu’s house lawn and sees Tiwari vibhu still playing, pelu is bathing. Anguri says laddo ke bhaiya, you are still playing? Tiwari says cant you see? The game has not yet finished, we both are playing since night. Anguri says how can you do this? I slept alone at night, tiwari says you slept in our house only. Anita wakes up and doesn’t see vibhu, she comes down and is shocked to see vibhu still playing. Anita says vibhu what are you doing? You don’t care about me? You were playing chess here all night. There is so much work at home, utensil, clothes, making lunch and you are sitting here. vibhu says cool down anu baby, vibhu then says Tiwari ji I have taken your soldier. Tiwari says don’t worry I have my horse backing them up. Tiwari then aims at the king and says now your king is trapped as you moved your queen. Anguri says Tiwari come home! vibhu Tiwari ignore and keep playing even after anita and anguri tell them to come home. anguri and anita look at each other, they go home.

At tea stall happu talks to someone and says keep the money ready boss and it should be in 5000rs. Tika malkhan come and sit. Malkhan says whom are you blackmailing now? happu says what is it to you? I was telling that joker mans boy. Malkhan says that is good, he is actually rich and miser, loot him. tika says yes. Prem comes and sits. Gulfam kali comes and says you all are talking and enjoying here, give me my money. Prem says where do we have money? We don’t have any, when we will have money we will give you. gulfam says you will all go in hell. Happu says do you want to dance? Then dance, we will then give you money. Gulfam says no, you wont get any place even in my kotha from today as it will be close, tika says then we will watch you from the window. Everyone laugh. Gulfam is sad and angry and she goes.

In lawn Tiwari and vibhu are playing chess. Tiwari says I have surrounded your queen and it will be mine. Vibhu says you can just come near my queen but it can never be yours. Vibhu plays his chance and says now your queen is surrounded by me. Tiwari says you are a good player. Vibhu says yeah I play a bit. Gulfam comes and sees them she enters the lawn and says guys I need your help. Tiwari vibhu ignore and keep playing. Gulfam says I am talking to you both, I have come in a problem and tika malkhan prem and happu are not giving me money, they have watched my programs for free and are not giving my money now, please tell them to give me. Vibhu Tiwari ignore and continue to play. Gulfam says I am talking to you, why are you ignoring me? Is your game of chess more important than a problem faced by a human? Tiwari vibhu still play. Gulfam says I did not expect this from you, even you both are like those men who think a woman is a toy.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : tilu tells anguri that tiwrai has been playing chess in the shop too, if nothing is done then he will turn the shop into a chess place. At night vibhu Tiwari play chess and suddenly a ghost sound comes, both get scared from home anita comes like a ghost with a candle. Vibhu and Tiwari are scared.