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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai  13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with tilu coming home and says bhabhiji! Anguri comes and says how are you? tilu says I am fine but Tiwari seth is not right, anguri says what happened to him? tilu says Tiwari has started playing chess I the shop now. anguri says he has started there too? Tilu says he is playing chess with the customers and tells them to play and if they win they will get undergarments at 50% price. Anguri says like this the shop will be sold soon. Tilu says half the goods in the shop ae already sold. Anguri says then why don’t you tell him to stop playing? Tilu says he played some games with me too, he is unstoppable. Tilu says he forces me to play. Anguri says we have to do something? Tilu says yes otherwise the shop will be a place to play chess.

Tilu goes. Anguri says oh my god, I have to do something.
In market, anita is buying bangles. Anguri meets anita. anita says how are you anguri ji? Anguri says not fine. Anita says yes me too. Anguri says we both are going through the same pain. Anita says I don’t understand what to do about them. Anguri says today tilu told me Tiwari has been playing in the shop too with customers. Anita says you don’t know where vibhu plays chess, he has been playing chess in the toilet too, yesterday I forced into the bathroom and he was sitting on the pot and playing chess there. Anguri says they are doing too much now. gulfam kali comes, she says yes these men are the same. anita says did vibhu and Tiwari do something to you? gulfam says no, but tika malkhan happu singh and prem have troubled me, they saw my programs without giving me money and when I asked them to give, they denied. Gulfam says then I came to yoru husbands for help but they did not listen to my problem and were playing chess and ignored me. Anita and anguri say that is the problem we are also going through. Gulfam says I also told them I would commit suicide but they still did not listen. Anita smiles and says we got the solution, gulfam says what? Anita says you have to commit suicide, anita smiles.

At gulfam kali’s kotha, her photo has been put with garland and everyone sitting in white dresses as she is dead. Tiwari and vibhu still play chess. Happu says gulfam kali has died now and she left us, she was the only entertainment in Kanpur. Prem says she was my life, I cannot live without her. Everyone look at him. masterji says so everyone say some words about her, I would say she was good or bad I don’t know but she did not have sanskaar. Everyone look at masterji. Commissioner says I don’t know what to say but gulfam was the best woman I know and she kept me happy. Prem says gulfam was a good woman, I watched her dances and also blackmailed people to come there and watch with me.

Happu says we asked you to say good things not agree to your crimes. Happu gets up and says gulfam kept us happy, I used to bring her sweet and she loved them, I will miss her. Tika malkhan get up and malkhan cries and says gulfam’s dances were very costly we watched her dances at 1 lakh rs. Tika says yes we will miss her. Saxena gets up and says I just know that my sister is not dead, anita and anguri look at him. gulfam kali is hiding and watching. Saxena says my sister is not dead she will come back. Saxena sits. Tilu gets up and says I used to watch gulfam kali’s dance with the money I forced my miser boss Tiwari to give me as my salary. Tilu sits. Tiwari slaps him. prem says now you both also say something or you will play chess. Vibhu and Tiwari say gulfam kali was like the queen of chess and she had taken control of everyone like a soldier, she danced and everyone watched, this was the woman. Saxena says Bhabhi moms you also say something.

Anguri and anita say we just know that gulfam kali had some unfinished wishes, she will come back as a ghost. Everyone get scared.
At night Tiwari and vibhu play chess and vibhu says a shayri, Tiwari also says. As they both play, to compete each other, Tiwari and vibhu continue saying shayri’s. vibhu says Tiwari ji you know a lot of shayri’s. Tiwari says as I am playing chess, shayri’s are coming by themselves. Vibhu says by the way even in the court of nawab wazir ali shah he loved playing chess and saying shayri’s. Tiwari says that is true. Saxena is hiding with a man and they release fake fog through a machine. Saxena says I like it.
Suddenly from the door, anita comes acting as a ghost and has a candle. Vibhu and Tiwari get scared.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : anguri is sleeping and Tiwari says we saw anita coming as a ghost, it looked scary. Anguri says she is not anita, it is the ghost of gulfam kali. Tiwari gets scared. Next day anita is at home covered under her dupatta, Tiwari says yes Bhabhi ji you can show me your dance. Anita removes dupatta and she has her eyes like a ghost and acts like gulfam kali. Tiwari is scared.