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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with anita coming out as the ghost with a candle and is singing song gumnam hai koi. Saxena has put the song on tape and is releasing fog. Tiwari and vibhu are scared. Anita goes walking from the street. Saxena turns of the song and says I like it.
At tea stall at night, prem tika malkhan and happu singh are drinking alcohol. Tika cries and says gulfam kali! Why did you die? Why did you leave us? Malkhan is sad and says yes I miss her. Happu singh says shut up you both, you ate all her money and now you cry here. tika says daroga ji, look at yourself first even you had to give her money but you did not give, that is why she committed suicide. Happu says you shut up rascals. Saxena is hiding behind a tree with his mental friend, he says when anita Bhabhi maa will come play the song at the right time, if you do anything wrong then I will break your shock giving machine. Saxena goes acting like crying and joins everyone. Malkhan says don’t cry saxena ji. Happu says why is this mental crying? Prem says he is crying because he treated gulfam as his sister. Saxena says you four guys, its because of you that she died. Malkhan says what are you saying? Saxena says gulfam kali will come back, mark my words she will kill you all for not giving her money, you cheated her. Happu says don’t say this. Everyone get scared. Saxena says I feel like she is coming, I sense it she will come back. Suddenly anita comes with candle, everyone get scared. Saxena’s friend plays the song. Anita sings gumnam hai koi badnam hai koi. She walks by everyone sitting and goes slowly singing the song. Everyone get scared. Anita goes. Malkhan says what happened to anita Bhabhi? Tika says I think it is true, gulfam kali’s ghost was inside her. Everyone get scared. Happu singh is shivering and she shakes and fall down from a shock. Saxena says I like it.

In bedroom, Tiwari comes and sits scared. Anguri is sleeping. Tiwari says anguri wake up, I saw anita Bhabhi walking out of the house like a ghost with a candle, I am so scared. Anguri says in sleep, she was not anita, she was gulfam kali’s ghost. Tiwari gets scared and says what? I am already scared you are scaring me more. Anguri says in gulfam kali’s voice and says you are not yet scared, I will scare you now. Tiwari starts shivering and says why did your voice change anguri? Anguri opens her eyes and it is like ghost, she says not anguri its gulfam kali. Tiwari screams and gets scared. Anguri says you did not help me when I asked you both for help, you were playing chess, I am going to make those 4 guys life hell and will not leave you both too. Tiwari gets scared and runs away. Anguri laughs and says I will remove the eye lens now.

In vibhu’s room, vibhu is there and says what is happening? Suddenly anita starts behaving like a ghost, this is too scary. Anita comes and says vibhu! Vibhu sleeps and puts blanket on his head. Anita sits beside and say vibhu wake up. Vibhu egst up and says where were you? anita says I was working on my laptop in the hall. Vibhu says are you sure you were working? Anita says yes, why? vibhu says nothing. Anita says listen, vibhu gets scared. Anita says slowly I have heard there is a ghost roaming in town. Vibhu gets scared. Anita says its nice the ghost is not coming here. vibhu gets scared and says stammering don’t worry I am here, then he sleeps, anita sleeps and starts making laughing noise like a witch. Vibhu gets scared and says prayers.
Next day at tea stall, tika malkhan and happu singh are there. Happu talks on phone and says doctor I am coming today give me such a treatment and injection that I wont get shocks. Happu keeps phone. Tika says happu singh you are such a coward, malkhan says you got scared and fell down looking at anita Bhabhi. Tika and malkhan laugh. Happu says what are you saying rascals? Prem comes and sits. He says everyone got scared yesterday, she was gulfam kali’s ghost. Vibhu and Tiwari come and sit. Vibhu says this is all because of you four. Happu says how is this because of us? Vibhu says you all did not give her money, you saw her programs for free and now because of you even we both are suffering. Tiwari says yes, yesterday she came in anguri’s body and told me she is not going to leave the four of you. tika and everyone get scared. Happu says these boys are already scared and you are scaring them even more. Happu says but how because of us is she troubling you? Tiwari says we were playing chess the day before she died and she came to us for help about you all not giving her money but we were so busy playing chess that we did not listen to her. Vibhu says now she is troubling us too. Tiwari says yes she will not leave anyone. Tiwari vibhu go.

At home anita is dancing wearing dupatta cover and is dancing on an item song. Tiwari comes and sits and is watching the dance. After the dance anita turns off the song and sits. Tiwari goes to her and says Bhabhi ji your dance was very good it lifted my spirits. Tiwari says so dance again? anita removes her dupatta and looks at him with ghost eyes and says not anita Bhabhi, its gulfam kali. Tiwari shivers and gets scared. Anita looks at him and starts laughing. Tiwari gets scared and runs away. Anita says oh my god these eye lenses are burning my eyes.
In kitchen, anguri is cooking and vibhu comes. Anguri says you came? Vibhu says yes. Anguri says I was waiting for you only. Vibhu gets happy and says is that true? Anguri says yes I was waiting for you. vibhu says I cannot believe this. Anguri says I promise I was waiting for you. vibhu says I still cannot believe. Anguri says I take tiwari’s swear I was waiting for you. vibhu says I believe you as you never take tiwari’s false swear. Vibhu says so what did you have to say to me? Vibhu blushes. Anguri says I have something to share, yesterday she came in my dream. Vibhu’s emotion changes and says who? Anguri says she came, gulfam kali came in my dream. Vibhu is shocked and says what did she say? anguri sits down to wear eye lens, she wears and gets up. Vibhu says what did she say? anguri opens her eyes. Vibhu gets scared and shivers and says mummy.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : anita tells vibhu at night in bedroom that go In balcony and I will be sleeping under the blanket, you come slowly and get inside the blanket and forcefully romance with me. Vibhu says okay, later he comes under the blanket and says anu baby. Then he kisses her. Suddenly anita comes and says I had gone to the bathroom, who is there? Vibhu says what? Who is here then?