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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Vibhu goes to Anita happu.anita says you look very happy.Vibhu says Anu baby you always say I should work,I’m into new business,Anita says in plant business like Anurag ,Vibhu says no I don’t like to do Anurag thing.anita says that not your cup of tea,Vibhu says stop that Anurag think,I’m into security agency,Anita says Vibhu you need guards for it,Vibhu says I believe in small scale industries and I have guards,tikka malkhan Tilu and Saxena,Anita says I knew it,Vibhu says baby I need your support,Anita says of course I will,Vibhu says I knew it baby,but I need an investment ,my staff has uniform and I need to pay the tailor,Anita says Vibhu,Anita says okay if you don’t want to just avoid that lane,Anita says but that’s my way to class,okay I shall give,Vibhu says are you Happy,Anita says yes I am,Vibhu says my staff needs shelter,Anita says okay,Vibhu says okay guys get in,tikka malkhan Tilu get in,malkhan says I’m using washroom,Tilu says I shall have something from fridge and leaves,and shouts from kitchen I dropped rasgullas.

Tikka walks out in lungi,and sleeps in front of Anita on sofa,singing,malkhan walks to Vibhu and says the flush is broken. Tiwari and Anguri asleep,its early morning,they wake up to loud horn. Vibhu and tikka malkhan Tilu Saxena walk into colony in uniform,Tiwari Anguri in balcony,Vibhu and group start exercising and drill.tiwari shouts what nonsense is this,Vibhu says guards relax,and says excuse me you are disturbing us,and bhabhiji good morning,take away this man he is disturbing us,Anguri says yes let’s go why fight,Tiwari says this stupid crew is your army,Tilu abuses Tiwari,Vibhu says easy boy.

Anita asks Vibhu what is this,Tiwari says yes bhabhiji look at this,Vibhu says baby I’m training them,Tiwari says this is your army useless army,Vibhu says baby this man is disturbing us,Anita says tiwariji please leave and let them work,tiwari says just because you are saying and Tilu I won’t,Tilu abuses him,tikka says Tilu calm down,Vibhu says let’s begin the drill,Anita says Vibhu go on some ground,Vibhu says we are just four so this place is sufficient,Anita leaves.

Anguri singing in kitchen,Vibhu says hello bhabhiji,Anguri says why wearing guards uniform,did you get watchmen job ,Vibhu says do you remember morning training,this is my new business,I’m into security agency,we need to train hard, like burn.Anguri says burn oh no,like into fire,Vibhu says god she is boring but so cute,bhabhiji soon my agency will be famous world wide,my guards will guard celebrities and politicians all over,anguri says please get me potatoes of 10, Vibhu says no need of money I shall get and leaves.

Vibhu and Saxena at tea stall,Saxena says how long shall we wait like this,I joined thinking I shall be beaten,Vibhu says patience,Saxena says I cant help I get impatient ,I need some shock,Vibhu slaps him,Saxena says now I’m good, tikka malkhan Tilu come,Vibhu asks did you sell yourself, Tilu says all over the town we tried selling ourselves,they didn’t buy us as guards,Vibhu says I had doubt you look like goons instead guards,happu comes laughing and says I knew it,and how’s your new job,Vibhu says boys we need to work hard,happu Singh as you can do nothing,tikka says bhaiya I shall run 10 km tomorrow,malkhan says me 15, Vibhu says I like the thought and the zeal,and they don’t allow happu to talk,and discuss among themselves.Vibhu says we need to give our best and all leave,happu says no one allowed me talk what all is this.happu gets very angry.

Anita comes by auto,tiwariji says Anita bhabhi look at the timing I was here for lunch and you here back,Anita says so had lunch ,Tiwari says actually I didn’t,because the lunch wasn’t of my taste,Anita says come let’s have lunch at my house,Tiwari asks do you have lunch because Vibhutiji is busy,Anita says yes Vibhu said he cooked special lunch for me come.

Anita and Tiwari walk in and find Tilu Tikka and malkhan having lunch,Vibhu says baby look Lunch is ready I cooked your fav food,and shows bowls and sees every is empty.tiwari asks what now,what will you give us,Vibhu says I shall make some sandwich,tikka says malkhan ate all bread,Vibhu says I Made some protein shake wait,malkhan says tikka had it,Anita says what all is this,is this your work,Vibhu says it takes time,Anita says Vibhu I work hard for two of us and you got 4 more,Saxena says bhabhi ma I just need shocks nothing else,just be worried about these three.

Vibhu says baby soon my business will be on heights,Tiwari says it won’t work it will be flop,this colony doesn’t need any security,come bhabhiji let’s have lunch at my place ,Anita says okay and Vibhu we shall talk later. Vibhu asks what did he say,Tilu says your business will be flop,Vibhu says get to the point,Tilu says all are secure,Saxena says he is right,all are secured so why security,Vibhu says and what if they aren’t,tikka says I understood nothing.vibhu says guys what I’m trying to say and tikka burps.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Tiwari and Anguri together,Tilu makes fake call to Anguri threatening her,Vibhuti says don’t worry I shall be her body guard.vibhu saves Anguri from Eve teasing.