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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with vibhu scared and anguri says I am telling stop playing chess otherwise I will cut your fingers and play chess with it. anguri then says in gilfams voice adaab three times. Vibhu runs away scared.
At tea stall anguri and anita come and sit disguised in burkha. Anguri says I scared the hell out of vibhu. Anita says yes me to, Tiwari ran away scared. Anguri says now we will be free of their chess game, anita says hope so. Anguri says Tiwari did not come to me when they were always busy in chess, anita says yes vibhu also did not romance with me. Gulfam kali comes in burkha and sits. Anita says how is your plan working, gulfam kali says I have planned for the four of them. Anita and anguri say best of luck. Saxena comes and sits. Everyone wear their burkha.

Saxena says ladies, you are sitting at the wrong place because there are 2 very characterless guys tika and malkhan roaming here and they will tease you, if they tease you I will kill them and go to jail, I don’t like jail I like mental hospital. Anguri removes burkha and says its us saxena ji, anita me and gulfam kali. Saxena says I like it, my mothers and sister sitting together. Anita says saxena ji continue with your plan of scaring vibhu and Tiwari. Saxena says okay.
Tiwari and vibhu come and sit beside saxena and vibhu tells Tiwari remove the chess board we will play here. Tiwari removes the board. Anguri tells slowly to anita that they did not change. Anita says yes. Suddenly gulfam says you cannot play here. vibhu says who are you? your voice sounds familiar. Gulfam says I am your gulfam kali, vibhu Tiwari get scared and run away. Everyone laugh. Saxena says I like it.

At night on street, vibhu tells Tiwari you saw the ghost in anguri so close? Tiwari says yes I saw it very close. Tiwari says and you? vibhu says me too. Vibhu says anguri must have looked awesome right? Tiwari looks at him. vibhu says I mean how did she look? Tiwari says kind of scary with those eyes. Tiwari says and how did Bhabhi ji look? Vibhu says she looked so scary as if she would kill me. Anita comes in balcony and says vibhu, come fast I am waiting, how much time will you wait? Vibhu says yeah baby coming. Anita goes in. anguri comes and calls Tiwari and goes. Vibhu says Tiwari you feel good about going in that bedroom since yesterday night? Tiwari gets scared. Saxena comes. Vibhu says you came on time, you are accompanying me tonight. Saxena says yes. Tilu comes, Tiwari says come boy you came on time, lets go. tilu says I will take 1000 for 1 night. Tiwari says I asked to accompany me, not dance. Tilu says then I will go. vibhu says Tiwari come on give it, its not such a large amount, vibhu pinches tiwari’s butt. Tiwari says okay and takes tilu. Saxena says what did you do to Tiwari that he jumped? Vibhu pinches saxena’s butt and saxena says I like it.

At gulfam kali’s kotha, happu singh tika malkhan and prem come. They all sit, happu says gulfam died but this place still looks so lit. tika says but it is nothing without gulfam kali. Prem says lets watch gulabo first. Gulfam kali comes covered in her saree as gulabo. Gulfam says adaab. Malkhan says she sounds like gulfam kali, tika says shut up she is dead. Gulfam then dances on an item song, everyone enjoy and eat snacks and drink alcohol. After the dance is over, happu says we want to see your face. Prem says yes lets see how beautiful you are. Gulfam says okay and sits beside happu and says remove my face cover yourself. Happu slowly removes and its gulfam kali, gulfam kali has ghost eye lens in her eyes. Hapu and prem get scared and hide behind tika malkhan and say its gulfam kali. Tika malkhan are also scared. All of them are scared. Gulfam kali says I am gulfam kali’s ghost, I told you when I was alive that my ghost would take money from you all. Gulfam laughs like a ghost and says I will show you ghost dance now, gulfam dances on the song dekh le aankho me aankhei daal. Everyone is scared. Happu and everyone keep their money and run away scared, gulfam takes the money and is happy and laughs.

In vibhu’s room, everyone is sleeping and saxena is sleeping on the floor. Anita gets up and looks at saxena. She sees him asleep and then slowly wakes up vibhu. Vibhu gets up and says what happened now? anita says I cant sleep, lets talk about romance. Vibhu says what? Now? saxena is down there sl;eeping. Anita says I want to romance you now. vibhu says what type of a woman are you? anita says it will be fun to romance without any noise, you go out of the balcony and come slowly, I will be sleeping under the blanket, you come and we will have romance. Vibhu goes out of the balcony annoyed. He comes back and sees anita sleeping under the blanket vibhu sneaks in and starts kissing. Outside the bed, anita comes and says vibhu what are you doing? Vibhu comes out of the blanket and says you are here? anita says yes I had gone to the washroom. Vibhu says who is inside? Suddenly saxena comes out and holds vibhu’s neck, he is wearing the eye lens to scare vibhu, he says its me huzoor, its gulfam kali. Vibhu gets scared. Saxena says you played chess and did not listen to my problem, from now if I see you anywhere playing chess I will kill you. vibhu gets scared and runs away, anita laughs and saxena says I like it.

In tiwari’s room, Tiwari is not able to sleep and he wakes up anguri. Anguri says slowly what happened? Tiwari gets scared and says I cannot sleep, I am getting dreams of gulfam kali. Anguri says I cannot see her ghost anywhere, why are you scared? Tiwari says I am scared, I cannot sleep here. Tiwari says I will sleep down with tilu. Anguri says okay do what you want, but don’t stick to him much. Tiwari goes and hugs tilu and sleeps, tilu says in woman’s voice, ouch! Leave me. Tiwari says shut up and sleep. Tilu starts singing an item song and Tiwari says why are you singing? Shut up! Tilu says it was job to sing and earn. Tiwari says you used to sing before? Tilu gets up and is wearing the eye lens, he says yes huzoor, I am gulfam kali. Tiwari is shocked and scared. Tilu says huzoor, if you play chess again, you will see my face in all the soldiers of chess and then I will come and eat you alive. Tiwari gets scared. Anguri laughs slowly.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Tiwari and vibhu are scared and say I will not touch chess. Vibhu says me too as gulfam’s ghost has scared me.