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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with gulfam dancing with everyone as they play the song mohabbat buri bimari. Happu is also enjoying and anita is furious. She calls happu on the phone and tells him what is he doing? She sent him to throw those band people from there but he is dancing. Happu says I am not there but sorry I was going to do that. anita says don’t lie and I can see you from balcony, tell them to go from there or I will call the commissioner. Happu says no wait I will do my work. Happu keeps the phone. There gulfam is dancing. Happu comes and says stop this all you rascals. They stop and vibhu says what happened, now only you were enjoying. Happu says shut up, just stop all this and move away from here right now. vibhu says you are disturbing artists. Happu says you are troubling the entire town, just get up and go. vibhu says no. happu says come in the jail now, I arrest you. happu takes them all.

In the jail, everyone is there and malkhan says leave us hapu singh we are artists. Vibhu says you have put us in captivity and we need to earn. Happu singh says just shut up. Malkhan says we swear you on your children leave us, tilu says we will play the band free when your 10th child is born. Vibhu says lets start practicing, vibhu and everyone play their instruments. Happu is annoyed and says stop playing. They still continue playing. Commissioner comes and everyone stop. Then commissioner removes an instrument and starts playing, happu is shocked and vibhu and everyone continue playing. Then after playing, commissioner says why did you put them in jail happu singh? Vibhu says I will tell you and says this happu singh arrested us artists just because we were living on the streets and making a living by playing in a band. Commissioner says happu of any band people are troubled I get very angry and feel like killing that person. Happu is shocked. Saxena says commissioner why do you like band people? Commissioner says because my father used to play in a band. Commissioner smiles and dances and plays his instrument.

Next day at home anita is there and her sister rajouli comes with her fiancé . anita welcomes her. Anita says rajouli you have become fair after going to America, rajouli says you are still fair sister. Rajouli then introduces her fiancé john to anita. anita says hello. Rajouli says where is vibhu? Anita says where will he be? He has now started a stupid band and is troubling the entire town. Rajouli says oh my god. Anita says I have a plan and she looks at john.

At tea stall, vibhu and the entire band people are there. Anguri is singing and practicing. Tiwari says just shut up anguri stop singing. Vibhu says you shut up, she is a singer. Tiwari says first she is my wife than a singer. Vibhu says no you are not worth being her husband. Suddenly anita comes with john, hand in hand and they walk and go ahead. Vibhu and Tiwari are shocked. Tika malkhan saxena and tilu start playing a sad song. Anita comes running again and now she dances with john and romances and hugs him. They go again. vibhu is shocked and Tiwari too. Anita again comes and then she goes with john smiling. Vibhu plays his flute and cries.

At home anita tells rajouli that vibhu was so shocked to see this, he was jealous. Anita says thanks john. John says your welcome. Vibhu comes with Tiwari. Anita ignores him. Vibhu says can I come in? anita says you are already in. vibhu says I want to talk to a woman who has betrayed me and is heartless. Anita says I am the victim of a heartless and useless man who is doing something he should not. Tiwari says hello Bhabhi ji. Anita says hello and says how is your ear? Tiwari says it is not fine because of this useless band of vibhu, Tiwari says please tell them to close this band. Anita says meet my new best friend john. Vibhu says how does a man become a new best buddy so fast? Anita says it takes just few minutes to make someone best friends. Anita says I don’t care and says rajouli lets go and talk to my new best buddy john in our bedroom. They go.

At night in pelu’s auto, Tiwari and vibhu are drinking. Vibhu says anita has cheated on me, Tiwari says ask the weather department the weather not me. Vibhu says loudly anita has cheated me. Tiwari says yes she has. Tiwari says she has cheated me too. Vibhu says how has she cheated you? Tiwari says I am fine. Vibhu says loudly how has she cheated you? Tiwari says she is our neighbor and I used to think she is a goddess but she did such a thing. Vibhu says you are right. Tiwari says it is all your mistake and because of you only she was forced to do something like this. Vibhu says no I did not do anything. Tiwari says you only go at gulfam kali’s kotha why should I go? vibhu drinks alcohol.
In the morning, uncle comes in auto and stops. He knocks the door and says khacheru open the door. anita comes and opens and sees vibhu also standing on the street looking. Anita says who are you? uncle has the property papers and says I am david Mishra. Anita says I don’t know you. uncle says I am vibhu’s uncle. Anita says who vibhu? Uncle says vibhu your husband daughter in law! Vibhu is shocked. Anita says I don’t know any vibhu and don’t call me daughter in law, I am not anyone’s daughter in law. Vibhu and uncle both are shocked.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : 

everyone is at anita’s house and the entire band with vibhu too. Rajouli announces that anita is going to leave her old husband and is going to marry john, my friend from America. Vibhu and Tiwari are shocked. Vibhu sings song dulhe ka sehra and is sad.