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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update


The episode starts with happu at tea stall. He gets angry and says where is commissioner? Malkhan says we were just joking. Happu slaps both of them and says why did you wake me up? Happu sits. Tika and malkhan sit beside him and tika says happu singh we have a work from you. Happu says yes say. Tika says we need money as we have to give it to our landlord as he threw us out of our house. Happu slaps tika and says gets lost you goons. Happu goes. Malkhan says what to do now? Where will we get money? Tiwari and vibhu come and sit. Vibhu says so I have a plan and we can send a baba to your house as anyway anguri and your mom believe what baba’s say. Tiwari says yes that can work and we can tell the baba to tell mom to go back to her house otherwise difficulties will come over her. Vibhu says see tika and malkhan in front and they can be actors, we will give them money. Tika and malkhan say yes we can do and we will take 3k rupees in advance. Tiwari says okay take but what if the work is not done? Tika says we will return the money. Tika and malkhan go.
At home tika dresses as baba and malkhan takes him to anguri’s house. They both go inside. Anguri is there and she says sit down and who is he? Malkhan says he is a very great baba. Anguri says yeah? Malkhan says yes he can tell you everything by just looking at your face and also tells your future. Anguri says then tell. Tika sees and then says oye oye and then tells that you are a beautiful innocent lady and have a husband who owns undergarment shop and he is also a big miser. Angrui says yes everything is true. Mom comes and sits. Anguri says he tells future and everything about you mom by just looking at your face. Mom says tell mine. Tika says oye oye and then says you have the power of 10 lioness’s and are strong too and your husband ran from you as he was scared from you. Mom says that’s right everything is true. She says tell me about my future, suddenly tika sneezes and his moustache falls on malkhan’s hand. Then tika says that woman you have to run from here as you are in a difficulty and go to your house now. Mom gets up and comes behind malkhan and tika as malkhan cries. Tika opens his eyes and sees his moustache gone and sees mom behind. Both of them cry and say sorry. Angrui says tika malkhan why did you play this prank? Mom takes a stick and says tell me who sent you here? Tika says if we yell you wont beat us right? Mom says no. tika malkhan say tiwari sent them, then e=they are about to go but mom beats tika and malkhan and then sends them crying. Mom says let tiwari come I will beat him today.
At tea stall, tiwari says what will happen? And I hope these boys don’t mess anything. Vibhu says think positive. Happu singh comes and sits and is cryng, vibhu says who beat you? Happu singh says shut up and says my mom beat me and please help me and give me a solution to send my mom back to village. Tiwari says you are worth it. Happu says help me man. Tiwari says we ourselves are in trouble and I am sending my mom back too, I have sent tika and malkhan to do the work, lets see. Tika and malkhan come in pain and stand. Tiwari says what happened? Tika tells everything and that mom recognized them and beat them. Tiwari says damn you boys are useless and why did I even send you? Vibhu says these boys can tease only girls and nothing else they can do. Tika and malkhan say tiwari we told your name when mom was beating us that you sent us so now see what happens. Tiwari cries and says I am dead now and mom will beat me so much. Happu laughs and goes.
At vibhu house, vibhu brings tiwari and tiwari says his soul is trembling just by the thought of mom beating him. suddenly mom’s sound comes and anguri and anita too. tiwari hides under the dining table. Mom anguri and anita come and saxena comes with camera. Mom says it will be fun shooting here today. Mom and anguri sit on the dining table. Anita says we will take the shot here. Vibhu says mom you look beautiful, mom blushes. Anita says don’t disturb the shot is ready, mom and anguri say the dialogues and saxena shoots. Suddenly from outside happu singh comes running in and says anita and vibhu please hide me please and my mom and pregnant wife are behind me to beat me. Happu hides under the dining table and then sees tiwari, both are shocked seeing each other. Mom says whenever we shoot someone comes to disturb and today I will not leave this happu singh. Mom puts her hand down to take happu singh out, she catches tiwari’s collar by mistake and brings him out. Everyone is shocked and tiwari is scared. Saxena says I like it. Moms says tiwari I was fining you everywhere and where were you? Tiwari is scared. Vibhu smiles. Mom says anita give me 15 mins and I will come back again. Anita says sure mom take your time. Saxena says I like it.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: vibhu is at anguris house in hall and as mom comes he gets up and tries to run but mom stopes vibhu. She says anguri what was he saying? Anguri says he was saying some shayri. Mom says tell me too vibhu.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Details

Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain! (English: Is Sister-in-law at home!) (colloquially known as Bhabiji) is an Indian Hindi-language sitcom that premiered on 2 March 2015 on &TV. The show revolves around two neighbouring couples, the Mishras and the Tiwaris, in which the husbands are attracted to each other’s wives and attempt various tropes to impress them while constantly failing to do so.


Rohitash Gaud
Rakesh Bedi
Aasif Sheikh
Yogesh Tripathi
Shubhangi Atre Poorey
Shilpa Shinde
Saumya Tandon
Sandeep Anand

Seasons : 1 | Channel : &tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min