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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with anguri telling tiwari that it is so good vibhu is rich now and he is son of rk gupta. Tiwari says what is so nice in it? Anguri says he is our neighbor so we should be happy. Tiwari is there any advantage we have? No, so shut up and he doesn’t look like rk gupta’s son, its all rubbish. Vibhu comes home talking on phone that we will not compensate and this contract is ours only, vibhu keeps leg on tiwari’s sofa. Tiwari is angry. After vibhu is done speaking, anguri says welcome. Vibhu says thanks. Anguri says sit down. vibhu says no bhabhi ji I don’t sit on these poor chairs and sofa’s of this poor man sitting here. Tiwari is angry and says vibhuti don’t even show so much ego that you will fall in your own attitude. Vibhu says this is the ego of my money, I am rich and you are not. Anguri says I am happy that the mall is not built here, vibhu says yes bhabhi ji I will not build the mall here if you don’t want, even if we have a loss. Anguri says yes tiwari is also happy. Vibhu says I cannot see that from his face. Anguri says laddo ke bhaiya tell him you also are happy. Tiwari gives a fake laugh and says nice you are not building a mall here. Vibhu says that is nice. Anguri sees in paper and says this building is nice by the way. Vibhu sees it and says my mom used to work here as a masonry woman but now I am buying this building. Vibhu goes. Anguri says which mom but?

At tea stall, tika malkhan are pressing vibhu’s legs. Tika malkhan says vibhu, vibhu says call me sir. Tika malkhan say sir give us also something, take us under your blessings. Vibhu removes 10rs and gives them each. Malkhan says today no one lives with this money, tika says give something that you are worth of. Vibhu says I don’t have cash, I keep a credit card. Tika says give us then. Vibhu says you are not worth swiping any card. Happu comes and sits and says I heard you have turned from mishra tyo gupta now vibhu. Vibhu says I am sir and yes I have become gupta but you have remained a pappu. Happu says okay sir but I had spoken to your father rk gupta and he promised to give me money so when will I get my money? Vibhu gets up and takes his shoes and says when he decides too, vibhu goes.

At home, there is a press conference and everyone is there. Vibhu and rk gupta stand in front of the press. Rk gupta says so people, I found my long lost son finally, he is vijay, I have found him and now I have decided to put everything to his name, Ashanti airlines, Ashanti hotels, Ashanti constructions and everything under the name of Ashanti. Vibhu says yes thank you father. a reporter asks what did you do before this sir? Tiwari says he was jobless. Everyone laugh. Vibhu is angry and says I was jobless before, yes but I had many offers but I did not work with them as I knew I had something like this in my life. Prem says many times he did jobs which I found for him but they kicked him. everyone laugh. Vibhu is angry and says I did not like working in such companies so I left it myself. Happu asks that what will you do ahead? Vibhu says I will make my father’s company famous and flourish it even more and take it abroad. Tiwari says but we now this that you will destroy Ashanti constructions. Everyone laugh. Prem tika malkhan say vibhu what will you do to us? Give us money too, masterji says don’t you have manners? Here a press conference is on and you care for money! Vibhu says I forget poor people. Vibhu tells the press I will keep everyone with me, however poor they may be, and sick and characterless people like tiwari, tika malkhan, this prem and happu, I will still let them live on my left overs. Prem is angry and says I will not leave this vibhu who used to beg from me.

At night, vibhu is talking to agarwal on phone in bedroom and says yes we will test your cement first then use it as we are known for trusted work only. Then vibhu says who is it? Now you are saying wrong number, just keep the phone idiot. Anita comes and says what is the use of all this? Vibhu says what do you mean? It has been given to me by my father. anita says then who is ahuti mishra? Vibhu says he is that father who left me and this is the father who gave me everything. Anita says you anyway never take me out. Vibhu says tell me where you want to go, we can go to Italy, Britain, germany, Switzerland, Australia, france, anywhere you say. Anita says leave tat, first lets go to nainital. Vibhu says its just around the corner, anita says take me there only first. Vibhu says okay tomorrow we will go in my imported swanky car. Vibhu says lets call anguri ji and tiwari too as when we were poor then we used to go with them so lets take them when I am rich. Anita says that is nice and they both go in balcony and call anguri tiwari. Tiwari and anguri come in balcony and say hello vibhu and anita. Vibhu says tiwari ji and anguri, we are going to nainital tomorrow, anita says yes and we want you both to come with us, we all will have fun there. Tiwari says but we wont get any bus or train tickets now. Vibhu says train and bus? We will go from my imported swanky car, get ready for tomorrow. They are excited.
Next day, everyone is waiting down on street for the car as vibhu calls rk gupta. Anita says where is the car vibhu? Is it coming? Its 10 am now. Vibhu says dad is not picking the phone, he said the car would come. Tiwari laughs and says it wont. Anguri says forget it, then cancel it. Vibhu says let do a slight change of plans, we will go to nainital sometime again, now lets go to panch garden here in Kanpur, I will call pelu. Vibhu goes to call pleu.

At tea stall, happu calls rk gupta, rk gupta is in plane. Happu says its ,me happu singh sir. Rk gupta says I have a lot of pappu’s roaming around me. Happu says its me police happu from vibhu’s town, you said you would give me 12500rs. Rk gupta says I cannot now, as everything belongs to vibhu take it from him. rk gupta keeps phone and says now vibhu will pay all my loans.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : vibhu at night tells tiwari to be his secretary and he will pay him in lakhs. Next day tiwari is ready and says you called me to start work today, vibhu is worried and says yes you go I will tell you, tiwari says do tell me because I have donated my shop to tilu. Vibhu is worried.