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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with uncle coming home at night, he knocks the door and says where are you vibhu and anita? Open the door. Then he sees the lock and says I am so dumb, they have locked the door which means they have gone out, I hope they come soon or I will have to go. in a taxi, everyone come and vibhu gets down, he says bhabhi ji next time we will come in an imported swanky car. They all go in vibhu’s lawn and anita says uncle! You have come, wow it’s a surprise. Uncle smiles and says yes bahu where were you all? Uncle hugs vibhu. Anita says we had gone for a picnic here in Kanpur only. Uncle says okay, that is nice. Vibhu says come on uncle lets go in. uncle says vibhu I have a gift for you today, you will dance like crazy. Anita says what is it? Uncle removes the property papers and says see I have made my property of 20crore rupees on your name. vibhu takes it, anita is happy and says wow uncle, thank you so much I am very happy for this gift. Vibhu takes it and then opens the file, he looks and smiles then tears the papers and throws it in the air. Anita tiwari anguri and uncle are shocked, anita says what did you do vibhu? Uncle says what have you done? Uncle is very angry, he says you insulted me. Vibhu says uncle, I am vibhuti narayan gupta now, I have a lot of money and this is just peanuts, so you can keep your property. Uncle says gupta? You are mishra. Vibhu says I was mishra, rk gupta is my father the famous business man and he named all his property on my name. uncle says you have become too egoistic of your money. Vibhu says no uncle, come in and lets have dinner, I will order something. Uncle says furiously I don’t want anything and from today I will not drink even 1 sip of water from this house, uncle goes. Anita says what have you done? You have become too egoistic of the money and you need to let go off that attitude or something worse will come on you.

At night in bedroom, vibhu is talking to a mr.khanna on phone and says yes khanna I guarantee your construction so do not worry and you know what trust we give to our customers, vibhu then says who is it? You dumb, keep the phone till now you heard everything. Vibhu keeps phone and sits on bed and asks anita what are you doing? Anita says I am making preparations for my grooming classes. Vibhu says I say you leave the grooming classes. Anita says are you mad? We have earned from it till now. Vibhu says now we don’t need it, I want you to be a rich woman, I want you to buy cricket and football teams, travel the world in a private plane. Anita says yes? Are you serious? Vibhu says yes. Anita smiles and says this was always my dream but since you were jobless it died but now you told me, so I want all this. Vibhu and anita then romance on a romantic song. Vibhu then says I have to go, anita says where? Vibhu says I need a personal secretary for my personal work, I will go and hire. Anita says at night? Vibhu says I am bringing tiwari for the job. Vibhu goes.

In anguri’s bedroom, anguri sings song and says I love laddo ke bhiya, tiwari comes and says I love you too pagli, then he says lets romance. Vibhu comes in window and says hello bhabhi ji. Tiwari says what are you doing in my bedroom? Vibhu says I am here to hire you. Tiwari says hire me? Get lost. Vibhu says I mean, I need you as my PA and leave your undergarment shop. Tiwari says are you mad? I shall leave my business to be your PA? vibhu says how much do you earn per month? Tiwari says I do earn. Vibhu says still? Anguri says it must be around 50k rs. Vibhu says I will give you 1 lakh per month. Anguri says I lakh?! Tiwari says are you serious? Vibhu says yes, if I like your work from next month I will give you 2lakhs. Tiwari says then I will come from tomorrow, vibhu says and I don’t need you to have that shop. Vibhu goes. Anguri and tiwari sit and anguri says give that shop away, tiwari says but wait. Anguri calls tilu and says we donate you the shop keep it.

Next day vibhu is ready and the door bell rings, anita says open the door. Vibhu says keep a servant from next time. Vibhu opens the door. 4 people are standing. One man says I am the hardware contractor, other says I am steel contractor, other says I am pilot and the woman says I am the air hostess of Ashanti airlines. Vibhu says okay good, you go work send me the samples I will see what to do. They say we are not sending samples, we want out money from the items we gave your father till now, he hasn’t given the money. Vibhu says what? They say together 10crore rupees have to be given to us. Vibhu says what? Call my father then. They say your father isn’t picking the phone and he never will because he is a beggar he has money to buy cricket team and remove his calendars but he did not give our money, now you are the owner so you will give, till tomorrow you have time otherwise you will be in jail. They go. vibhu is shocked and says mummy! Anita comes and says nice, now give the money, I told you don’t be so egoistic now suffer, do something now. Tiwari comes as secretary and says sir I am here. Vibhu says yes you go I will tell you later. Tiwari says sir you called me today and I am here, please give me work. Vibhu says yes go I will inform later, tiwari says better on time because I donated my shop to tilu so I don’t need any problem. Vibhu says yes you go. tiwari goes. Anita looks at him and says wow, you have messed everything.

At tea stall, vibhu is calling rk gupta and says this rascal is not picking my phone, he is a fraud he duped me and made me a fool. From where will I bring the money? I don’t have anything. Gulfam kali and prem come. Prem says my crorepati friend, how are you? Vibhu says me? I am not fine, I am messed up totally. Gulfam says sir you are so rich, my kotha is breaking, the plaster is falling and wall has cracks, please help me, give me 10 lakhs to renovate my kotha as people are coming less, it must be so less money for you. Happu comes and says your father has to give me 12500rs, you owe me that now, when he came he said he will give my money to me. Vibhu says what? I don’t have money, vibhu says happu ditch your money and goes.

At night, happu is outside vibhu’s house with the other men and says so he owes you 10crore rupees? He has not given my money too and his son said he doesn’t have. A contractor says I think his son is like his father only. Happu says don’t worry we will beat his son once he gets in our hands as even my 12500rs are left. They all say yes. Vibhu hides and listens and is scared.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : anita opens door in morning and everyone come to her and say your husband, where is he? He has to give our money, where is he? His time is over now. Anita says he hs not come home at all. They all say we will put him in jail now.