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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Vibhuti says what you will get 5 ton AC to have Shimla feel here,its so costly and then electricity bill,Anita says I pay it so I will buy,Vibhuti says we can go Shimla and come back too in that money,Anita says I can’t miss grooming classes,and want to go Shimla too,Vibhuti say stupid women,Anita says useless husband,And now go find me my ac,Vibhuti says let me finish my coffee,Anita pours his coffee in her cup and says now go,Vibhuti kicks the gate and leaves,Anita says did you just,Vibhuti says no my leg got stuck and leaves.

Tiwari having lot of strength,and playing catch and run with anguri,anguri gets tired and says you have so much energy but I’m tried,Tiwari says oh this energy and anguri don’t get tired come to me,Anita hears this and smiles,Tiwari says I’m a horse come ride me,anguri does so,Anita says Vibhu wake up listen what anguri and Tiwariji are doing,you don’t understand, listen listen,anguriji is riding on Tiwariji,Vibhu even I want a horse ride don’t sleep cmon,Vibhu says I’m already a donkey I can’t be a horse now.

Next morning,Vibhuti sees anguri isn’t in garden and calls her out,Anita says why are you calling her,Vibhuti says she waters the plant but looks like she forgot,Anita says but first go water our plants,Vibhuti says yes I forgot I will, Tiwari comes jogging and says hello I just ran 10 km and 10 more come join me and leaves with Anita.anguri comes tried,Vibhuti thinks he will catch her but she takes support of compound wall,Vibhuti asks why are you tired,anguri says tiwariji took me to jog and his energy god I’m so tried,Vibhuti says let me give you leg massage,anguri says no I shall go sleep anyways I didn’t sleep last night,Vibhuti asks what did Tiwari do,anguri says actually Tiwari was enacting like horse and he made me ride him all night.

Anguri calls Amaji and tells Amaji that the remedy worked but he just troubles me and doesn’t t even get romantic,makes me ride on him like horse or plays kabaddi,touches me and goes and took me jogging early morning and now I’m so tired,all households course is still to be done,Amaji says ask him to do he is energised anyway,Anguri says no I won’t like it,Amaji says use his energy in good ways,Anguri says okay,Tiwari walks in,Anguri says stay on call I will ask him to help,Tiwari comes skipping,and says this will reduce my stomach,and says Anguir come start skipping,Anguri says no I won’t,Tiwari says come let’s play kabaddi ,Anguri says no I have so much work and I’m tired,Tiwari says Ok finish your work and then play,Anguri says please help me with it as I’m tired,Tiwari says ok and leaves,Amaji says good Anguri when he finishes kitchen work ask him to do dusting and then washing clothes ok,Anguri says as you say bye,Amaji drops radio.

Tiwari comes done with utensils come let’s play,Anguri says first do dusting sweeping and washing of clothes,Tiwari says I’m not maid and leaves,Anguri says oh no I have to do all this now. Tikka says malkhan this shoes looks costly lets sell in market,malkhan says you are right,and if our business keeps working like this we soon will be rich,tikka says just in 5 yrs that too,malkhan says just these jagrata be intact. Happu Singh walks to tea stall and says commissioner sirs shoes where robbed at jagrata,tikka says what’s wrong with society,happu says yes I mean you are working here and people robbing but this shoes is so similar to commissioner sirs shoes, now I will buy this from you and tell sir I caught the thief and he will reward me,tikka says sure we sell it at 5000 we just sold 3 pair,happu says give discount,malkhan says 3000 final,happu says 2000, Tika says fine since we know you ok.

Anita says oh minal you met Anisha,oh no I will call you later my ring slipped off,Vibhuti walks to her,Anita says Vibhu my ring slipped of again,Vibhu says stop dieting your fingers getting thin,Anita says enough get me my ring,Vibhuti says baby I’m tried,Anita says it’s just a little sofa,Vibhuti says no it’s heavy,I will do it tomorrow,Anita says why so lazy,Tiwari walks in,Anita says I’m here tell me,Tiwari asks why so worried,Anita says my ring slipped again and Vibhu says he will get tomorrow,Tiwari says forget this lazy lad, I will get it for you and picks it up with one hand,Anita says oh my ring,tiwraiji you picked it so easily,see Vibhu learn something from him, Tiwari says you need strength to learn from me.

Anita says tiwraiji you are so strong there’s a steel cupboard in kitchen and I want to do dusting behind it please help,Tiwari says sure come and pushes Vibhuti while going,Vibhuti thinks how did he get so much energy and tries picking sofa with one hand but fails.

Vibhuti and Tiwari drinking and Vibhuti asks how did you get this energy ,Vibhuti says we have a book named grannies remedies that worked.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vibhuti goes to rob the book,Anguri thinks it’s the thief and asks how’s your business going,Vibhuti in changed voice says yes good,Tiwari says you chit chatting with thief attack.