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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Anita’s Deal Cancelled.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th December 2017 Episode Start With

Master at his function and says you uncultured people,and scolds event manager who will clean the mess,you should have cleaned before leaving,Vibhu and team arrives,Vibhu asks how was the function,master says good,very good,Vibhu says we can see,boys clean the mess,master says thank you,Vibhu says we are doing our work it’s your turn now,master asks what,Happu says pay fine,5000, master says I won’t,Happu says come to police station,master says ok I will go get money,and need time to arrange,Vibhu says ok and cheers the boys,and praises malkhan and tikka.

Vibhu says I want this place very clean,Tilu says done,Vibhu says good job,Anguri walks to him and hand shim dustbin and says cmon litter the place,than you and leaves,Vibhu does so,all look at him surprised,Vibhu says guys I’m not sorry,tikka says we worked so hard what all Is this,Vibhu says get to work officers.

Tiwari walks in Mishra house saying is Anu baby home,Anu says what nonsense is this,Tiwari says just practising so that our chemistry is good in front of Agarwal,so shall we,Anita asks what,Tiwari says let’s say if Agarwal asks where did we meet first we need to have one answer,Anita says you are right,tell me,Tiwari says college campus,Anu says even me and Vibhu met in college but have you been to college because I heard you were kicked out of school, Tiwari says ok let’s say we met in school Anita says ok that’s fine.

Tiwari says ok when did I say I love you,Anita says why this now,twirai says we need to catch small details or our deals can be canceled,Anu says ok you tell me,Tiwari says I said I love you when I saw you right when the sun was shining on you and your beautiful hair my god.and keeps looking at Anita as she smiles,Anita says where are you lost Tiwariji,and gives cold looks and ignores him,Tiwari says I shall see you later bhabhiji and leaves,Anita says he is stupid but cute.

Amaji and laddo home,Amaji calls Anguri,Anguri take sheet blessings and seats beside laddo,and asks him how is his eduction going,Amaji says he keeps playing all day,Anguri says let him it’s his age,Amaji says but he should study or else he would have to sell lingerie like his brother,laddoo says I want to be inspector,Amaji says you need to work hard for it,laddoo says but Happu Singh doesn’t work,Amaji say sir you be a inspector like him I will break your legs,Anguri says no he won’t I have faith in laddoo,he will be a loyal one.amaji says call Tiwari we need to perform pooja,Anguri says let me and leaves.

Tiwari and Anita have a talk with Agarwal,Agrawal says how long are you married,Tiwari says we love each other so much that it’s like we are just married,Agarwal says every married couple should have chemistry like you too,Tiwari says I love you anu darling,Anita whispers enough of over acting,Anguri walks in saying Amaji is home let’s go,Agrawal asks who is she,Tiwari says I don’t know,who are you sister,Anguri says what I’m your wife,Agarwal says no she is his wife and points at Anita.

Anguri says she is our neighbour,and her husband is Vibhuti,Amaji walks in asking what’s wrong,Anguri says he called me sister and her wife,Amaji slaps him,Anita says don’t slap him he is just acting for my sake,Agarwal I’m sorry,he isn’t my husband,my husband is vibhu who fined you,Agarwal says deal canceled and leaves.

Vibhuti on call with minister,and says yes I’m over gutter man whole and yes boys are with me we shall sanitise it,and keeps the call and says boys get in to the gutter,boys say this isn’t fare we first cleaned masters function now gutter what all is this,Vibhu says officers we are part of this nation who serves us isn’t it our duty to clean it,Tilu says go open the cover malkhan. Malkhan gets in followed by others,it’s very smelly.happu whispers no one can win over you in manipulating.

All three get in to the gutter,Tilu calls Vibhu, tikka says there is no jam here,vibhu says walk a little ahead you shall find,cmon officers. Tikka Tilu malkhan walk out with Saxena,Vibhu says you blocked the pipe,Saxena says yes I did,do whatever you can,Vibhu says boys go ahead,all three start hitting Saxena.

Vibhu gets a call from minister,Vibhu says boys,on the way to airport a waste truck has inverted clean the road and then be at my office,tikka says we won’t,Vibhu says officer,tikka says sure sir.

Vibhu and team discussing their work with minister,minister says Kanpur is fearing your team,and your work is commendable so now I’m sending you and your team to Delhi,you see Jamna clean initiate is in force there and once you and your team cleans it, I will send you banaras then jhumritaliya and then Agra then whole India you see.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Anita has a call saying Vibhu has a room booked with a lady, Tiwari says I told you but you never believed,Anu says I shall see by myself and then believe.Tiwari on call says now I have fooled Anguri that I’m going to business meet and she believed,Anguri hears and says he is cheating on me.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Details

Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain! (English: Is Sister-in-law at home!) (colloquially known as Bhabiji) is an Indian Hindi-language sitcom that premiered on 2 March 2015 on &TV. The show revolves around two neighbouring couples, the Mishras and the Tiwaris, in which the husbands are attracted to each other’s wives and attempt various tropes to impress them while constantly failing to do so.


Rohitash Gaud
Rakesh Bedi
Aasif Sheikh
Yogesh Tripathi
Shubhangi Atre Poorey
Shilpa Shinde
Saumya Tandon
Sandeep Anand

Seasons : 1 | Channel : &tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min