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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Laddu playing video games sitted on Tiwari,Tiwari exercising.laddu says wow you are so strong now,Anguri says yes laddu your bhaiya is so strong,Vibhu says any kid can do,Anita says stop it Vibhu,Tiwari says really then you try push-ups with laddu on back,laddu says yes yes,Vibhu says keep quite,Tiwari says I challenge you for hand wrestling, Vibhuti says he smells,Anita says it’s my order,Vibhuti says okay,Anguri says cmon laddu ke bhaiya,Vibhuti and Tiwari start match.anita cheers Vibhuti,Vibhuti almost defeats Tiwari but Tiwari defeats him and starts laughing.vibhuti says let’s have lunch.

Tiwari and Vibhuti drinking,Vibhuti thinks today when he gets drunk I will make him reveal the secret of kadha,Tiwari says cmon you are on first peg and me on third,Vibhu says you are strong and have more capacity and now tell me how is bhabhiji,Tiwari says very Happy after my new strength,Vibhu says your bedroom voices explain,Tiwari says and how about bhabhiji,Vibhuti says okay,happy,Tiwari says your bedroom tells it too,Vibhuti says you are right now we are friends so tell me how did you get so strong,Tiwari says I’m strong from childhood,Vibhuti says cmon I will keep the secrete,Tiwari says Anguri has a book grannies remedies above our cupboard in bedroom and a kadha from it helped me gain this energy,Vibhuti says ok and takes bottle and leaves.

Vibhuti at night jumps into tiwaris bedroom and sees Anguri sleep and says wow she looks so pretty like a painting anyways Vibhu focus and starts looking for book,anguri wakes up and says oh thief hi,remember that night you told me about the book it worked and all well in your house?Vibhu says yes in changed house,Tiwari says Anguri who it is,Anguri says thief,Tiwari says you chitchatting instead of attacking and hits Vibhu,Anguri stops him,Vibhu grabs a book and jumps down and falls on Pelu,Anguri says he is good thief he told me about the book.

Vibhu making kadha as per instructed in book,it says add animal shit too,and boil for 10 mins,Vibhu says after I have it even I will be strong thank you dadi.oh no this book says nani,may be Tiwari was drunk and so said dadi instead of nani,Anita says what smell is this,Vibhu says its same kadha Tiwari drank for strength,Anita says I don’t believe in all this and what if it doesn’t work and instead you loose all strength,Vibhu says you go in room and have Shimla feel in ac go and it really smells yuk.

Vibhuti goes to Anguri,Anguri watching wrestling,he flaunts some fake knowledge in front of her and says I was champion in college,Tiwari says liar, Vibhuti says it’s in my blood,Tiwari says stop fooling my wife and come wrestle with me,Vibhuti says I need feel and aroma of mud I don’t start anywhere I’m cultured wrestler ,tiwari says the truth is you have no strength at all,Vibhuti says you have lot of pride right come to dinner at my place tonight and we shall wrestle again,Tiwari says accepted this time I will rip of your hand.

Tikka malkhan selling Chappals,tikka says last nights jagrata was good for us we stole a lot,happu walks to them and says god I tell you these thieves ,last night I wore my wives chappals for jagrata and the thief stole it,oh look it’s same,malkhan says yes company manufactures a lot,happu says my wife is very cruel let me buy this,tikka says 3000 is selling price but we give it for two,happy says 1000 final malkhan says done deal and sells it to happu Singh.

Vibhuti exercising with dumbles,Anita says you look so tired, Vibhuti says yes after kadha I should feel strong but I feel so week, Anita says accept it you dont have it in you anymore,nothing will work for you now,and what about challenge.vibhuti says i have spunk,Anita says I don’t see it,Tiwari and Anguri walk in,Tiwari says spunk is here and look he is practising cmon let’s start anyways you gonna lose,Vibhuti says I don’t feel like,Tiwari says but I do,Anguri says and we are here for this match,Anita says Vibhu cmon,Tiwari says and if you can’t fight me then wear bangles.

The hand wrestle match begins,Anita Anguri cheer their respective husbands,Tiwari at end again defeats Vibhuti and laughs at him.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vibhuti sleeping at Anguris kitchen window,Anguri splashes water on him and says what’s wrong with you,Vibhuti says I love you,I mean how are you and goes back to sleep,Anguri says I’m fine but I don’t like seeing you this way look he slept again.