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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with happu singh angry and says I will show this Tiwari now. Happu singh calls the mental hospital and tells them that a new mental man has emerged in the town and his name is manmohan Tiwari, take him now as he is doing things like a mental person in this town.
After some time, at tea stall happu singh tika and malkhan are there. Tika and malkhan say you shouldn’t have sent him to mental hospital. Happu says then what should have I done? He was acting like a mad person. Anguri is passing by, and tika malkhan and happu say hello Bhabhi ji. Anguri says who was that person who sent Tiwari ji to mental hospital? Tika and malkhan point at happu singh. Anguri says happu why did you do this? I did not expect this from you, I thought you were a good man but you are not a good man, Tiwari is not mental and you still sent him to a mental hospital. You useless bribing man. Anguri goes. Tika and malkhan sing and go.

At home anguri looks at tiwari’s photo and is crying. Anguri says why did you become mental? Why? You left me and went. If mom gets to know this, she wont be able to handle this. Come back please tiwar. Anita comes and says calm down anguri ji please calm down and don’t cry. Even I am going through the same phase, be brave at this moment. Anguri says yes that’s right. Anita says this definitely is not a ghost and someone is playing a game with us, we have to go tonight and check in that lineman’s house, then we will know what the truth is. Anguri says yes.

At night in mental hospital, Tiwari says what must be happening to anguri now? She must be alone and crying. Vibhu says even anita must be sad. Tiwari says anita is intelligent and can handle herself, anguri must be crying without me. Vibhu says I must be with Bhabhi ji now, Tiwari looks at him. Vibhu says your Bhabhi ji. Tiwari says okay. Vibhu says curse that ghost for putting us in mental hospital. A mental man comes and touches vibhu and says baby come one lets go and have honeymoon, come please. Vibhu runs away. Tiwari says she is shy, so she ran away. Mental man says you are not shy, you are shameless, come I will have honeymoon with you. Tiwari also runs away. Vibhu looks outside the window, suddenly a mental comes and says whats the score mate? Vibhu is annoyed.

At night, at the lineman’s house, anita anguri and commissioner are hiding behind a sofa inside the house. Anita says lets see when he comes. The lineman comes home and removes his ghost disguise and starts laughing and says I put that Tiwari and vibhu in the mental hospital, I am happy now. Commissioner and anita and anguri come out and hold him. Commissioner says now I will put you in jail and show you what happiness is. Anita slaps the man and and says why did you do this? Anguri also slaps him 3 times. Man says once the line had damaged and I came to Tiwari and vibhu’s house to repair the line, after repairing the line I spoke from both their telephones with my girlfriend, they caught me speaking and then both slapped me and insulted me, they even threw the tea out of my hands. So I swore to take revenge and did all this to put them in mental hospital. Commissioner says lets go now to the jail. Lineman listens word jail and starts laughing continuously and becomes mental.

At mental hospital next day, saxena is giving lectures to all the patients and Tiwari and vibhu say we are not mad. Saxena says yes I know and slap me otherwise I will complain to the warden and get you beaten. Tiwari and vibhu slap him. Saxena is giving lecture, anita and anguri come with commissioner and the lineman. Vibhu and Tiwari get up and say its good to see you both and please get us out of here, please save us. Commissioner says don’t worry boys and you both are free now and we arrested the lineman, here he is. Lineman is making faces like mental man and is laughing. Vibhu slaps him and says because of him we had to face this. Anita says let him go now, he is anyway mental. Everyone go then. Saxena says students, now is pressure test and come beat me. Everyone start beating saxena.
There vibhu’s uncle comes from auto to vibhu’s house and gives pelu money. He knocks the door and says where is vibhu now? Happu singh comes and says hello uncle, and vibhu is not here, he is gone forever. Uncle says what? Where? Happu says in the mental hospital, he became mental. Tika and malkhan come and say hello to uncle. Tika says yes vibhu and tiwar both became mental. Uncle says what? No!! god why did you do this? You should have made this police happu a mental man, why vibhu? Happu says what are you saying?

If I become mental, what will happen to my wife and my 9 kids? Uncle says I don’t care about you. I had finally made papers and put 20 crore worth of property on vibhu’s name but its no use now. Uncle removes papers and tears them and throws and says now its no use as vibhu is not there. A car comes and stops and anita vibhu and tiwar and anguri come out of car. Vibhu and anita see uncle and go and take his blessings. Uncle is scared and says vibhu you are mental. Vibhu says why are you being scared? I am not mental and I was not mental at all, they took me under false information. We both have been freed. Uncle says that’s nice but I had finally made 20 crore worth property on your name vibhu, but happu tika malkhan said you were mental and in a mental hospital so see I tore it and threw it. vibhu is shocked and anita too. Vibhu starts laughing like a mental person. Tiwari says maybe he became mental really now.

Anguri comes I kitchen to make food and vibhu is standing in his kitchen waiting for anguri with a rod put up for pull ups. Anguri comes and vibhu starts acting doing pull ups and counts to 51, 52. Anguri says what are you doing? Vibhu says I am exercising and I am a champion athlete, I can do pull ups on 2 fingers too. Vibhu starts doing pull ups on 2 fingers and anguri is impressed. Anita comes and says what are you doing? Vibhu stops and gets down. Anita says show anguri how you were doing pull ups. Vibhu shows the chair. anguri says oh my god you were lying. anita says yes he was but the real champion, our actor suniel Shetty is and his new show india’s asli champion will be airing from tomorrow so watch it. anguri says yes.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : vibhu comes on a cycle and stops at anguri’s kitchen and says Bhabhi ji come sit behind and we will have a ride. Anguri says no, people will say I am riding with some other man. Vibhu says no people wont say that.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Details

Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain! (English: Is Sister-in-law at home!) (colloquially known as Bhabiji) is an Indian Hindi-language sitcom that premiered on 2 March 2015 on &TV. The show revolves around two neighbouring couples, the Mishras and the Tiwaris, in which the husbands are attracted to each other’s wives and attempt various tropes to impress them while constantly failing to do so.


Rohitash Gaud
Rakesh Bedi
Aasif Sheikh
Yogesh Tripathi
Shubhangi Atre Poorey
Shilpa Shinde
Saumya Tandon
Sandeep Anand

Seasons : 1 | Channel : &tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min


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