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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with anguri saying I am worried for Tiwari and I feel like what I am doing now is stupid. The milkman comes and gives milk to anguri and says Bhabhi ji you are doing right and Tiwari shall be taught a lesson. Milkman says take milk Bhabhi ji. Anguri says no thank you. milkman says let me serve you Bhabhi ji. Anguri says if I need anything I will take it myself. Anita comes. Milkman says wow so much beauty in my dry house. Milkman says Namaste Bhabhi ji. Anita says hello. Anita says I brought food for you anguri ji. Anguri says I am sad, I am worried for Tiwari ji. Anita says don’t worry they are all having fun, you be tension free. Anita says anyway we had to teach Tiwari a lesson. Milkman says yes you should stay here forever. Anguri and anita look at him, milkman says I mean you need to be respected, milkman goes.

At home Tiwari is drinking alcohol and plays sad song on a tape. He sits on sofa and cries. Tilu comes and drinks from the bottle and keeps it. Tiwari sees tilu, tilu says seth ji you act like you even care but you have killed Bhabhi ji. Tiwari says just shut up and get lost. happu singh comes and says what happened? Tilu says see, arrest this man he has killed my Bhabhi ji. Tiwari says just shut up otherwise I wil kill you. happu singh says calm down. Tiwari says what shall I calm down? Have your divers found anguri? Happu says no not yet, they are getting fish but not Bhabhi anguri. Tiwari says then tell them to find anguri not fish. Tiwari holds happu’s collar in anger, then he cries. Happu says its okay sit down, I understand we will do what we can. Vibhu comes all drunk and keeps his bottle, he says Tiwari you rascal, anguri died because of you, I will kill you. vibhu starts pressing tiwari’s neck and they both fight. Happu tries to stop and in a flow they start beating happu singh. Tilu sits and drinks and eats, he plays the song and enjoys. Tiwari stumbles and goes in his room, vibhu also goes. Hapu is injured and goes home injured.

At home vibhu is drunk in bedroom and says why did you take anguri god? Why? it feels so lonely without Bhabhi ji. Anita comes and says why are you looking so sad and drunk? What happened? Anita says I am very happy today as today my grooming classes completed 2 years so we are having a party. Vibhu says what type of a woman are you? you are so selfish. Bhabhi ji died and the entire town is in sorrow but you are happy and having parties. Anita says why are you drunk? Vibhu says Tiwari came to me to share his sorrow so we drank. Anita says you also look more sad than anyone else. Vibhu says I am sad for Tiwari, that is whym and anyway what did you do? You did not save Bhabhi ji. Anita says I tried my best. Vibhu says oh yes? You always boasted I am a national swimmer, what is the use of your medals? Vibhu gets up and takes her gold medal and throws it out of the window. Anita says what did you do? Vibhu says I threw your medal which you don’t deserve. Anita says the medal you threw was a gold medal in karate. Vibhu says oh sorry, and he sleeps. Anita giggles.

Next day at home Tiwari looks at anguri’s photo and cries. He says anguri please come back to me please, I miss you. mom comes and sits. She says don’t cry so much Tiwari. Tiwari says mom!? I miss anguri, I cannot live without her, I love her a lot. Mom says forget it now, pandit ramfal gave me an album of girls for marrying one to you, so see the album and choose a girl. Tiwari is shocked and takes the album and bangs it on the table. Tiwari says you are saying this mom? Mom says yes because you need someone now. Tiwari says I cannot think about anyone other than my mom. Saxena comes and stands beside Tiwari, he says Tiwari brother because of you my Bhabhi maa has died, you have taken away a mom from a son, I will kill you. saxena jumps and beats Tiwari, he punches and hits Tiwari on the back. Tiwari screams and runs away out of the house. Saxena screams and cries and sits besides mom and says grandma please bring my mother back, please bring her back, saxena says loudly. Mom gets annoyed and slaps him, saxena says I like it.

At home anita is laughing reading a magazine. Vibhu comes with coffee sad. Vbhu sits and gives anita coffee. Anita says why are you so sad? What happened to you? you look so sad. Vibhu says nothing my heart is paining. Anita says it must be gas take pills. Anita laughs. Vibhu is sad. Tiwari comes and sits and cries. Anita laughs and says what happened? Tiwari cries and looks at vibhu. Vibhu tells him in ears slowly that she is acting like this since morning. Tiwari says I don’t know what to do? I feel like giving my life. Vibhu says don’t worry, give your life too then. Tiwari looks at him shocked. Tiwari then says Bhabhi ji, mom came today with an album of girls and says I should marry another girl again. anita laughs and says wow that is nice, do it then, you will have a partner. Vibhu and Tiwari look at each other shocked and cry. Suddenly a woman with a bag of clothes comes and says does anyone want to give clothes to wash? Tiwari vibhu see and recognize the voice.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : the woman comes in. vibhu and Tiwari smile and say lady please once remove your face cover of your dupatta, please we want to see you as you sound like someone. Anita says yes yes, remove it, as they insist. Anguri removes her dupatta. Vibhu and Tiwari are shocked and fall unconscious.