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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with Tiwari vibhu and anita at home and suddenly a woman comes in saree covered to her face by dupatta. she says does anyone want to give clothes for washing? Vibhu and tiwari recognize the voiceand think its anguri. Woman comes in. anita brings the clothes and gives to anguri. Vibhu says your voice feels like it is someone’s voice we know. Tiwari says yes. Vibhu says before going please remove your dupatta cover we want to see your face. Tiwari says yes please. Woman says why? anita says its okay remove it, now that they insist so much. It is anguri and she removes the dupatta cover. Tiwari and vibhu are shocked and fall unconscious. Anguri and anita laugh and anguri says the plan is working. Tiwari and vibhu awake and say its anguri Bhabhi. Anguri says I am phagunia.

Cheddi comes and says I am going to marry her, she is my fiancé. Vibhu and Tiwari are angyr and Tiwari says what? Vibhu says we will kill you if you say that. chedi says I will tell the police that you threaten me. Chedi goes with anguri.

Later Tiwari and vibhu say what did cheddi say? Tiwari says he is going to marry her, I cannot allow that. vibhu says I know she is anguri. Tiwari says even I think the same.Vibhu says how will anguri ji marry this tiwari? And why shall she marry him? anita says now she will marry cheddi milkman if Tiwari you don’t do anything. Tiwari says yes, that cheddi will marry anguri. Anita says give him money, lots of it then he will leave anguri ji. Tiwari says but bhabhiji. Vibhu says are you mad? Anita says why cannot you give money? Saxena comes and says he wont give money because this man is greedy and selfish, first he lost my Bhabhi maa anguri and now he has more value for money than Bhabhi maa. Tiwari says what are you saying? Saxena says I am saying right, I will kill you. saxena jumps and starts beating Tiwari mercilessly. Tiwari is in pain. He gets up and tries to run. Saxena holds Tiwari and beats him and then goes. Vibhu says I will come with you to cheddi’s stable.

At tea stall tika malkhan are there. Vibhu and Tiwari come and vibhu gives tika malkhan a list and says buy all this, take this money and come to the temple. Malkhan says these things are all of marriage and who is marrying? Vibhu says Tiwari ji is going to marry. Tika says wow, a 2nd marriage? Where do you get all these girls Tiwari ji? Tell us too, even we want to marry some girl. Tiwari says I don’t know about that but I will make your face red. Vibhu says stop asking questions and go and do the work. Happu singh comes and sits and says what is going on? Who is marrying? Vibhu says Tiwari ji. Happu says he cannot because she is phagunia not anguri. Vibhu says phagunia is only anguri, why don’t you shut up. Happu says this cannot happen. Vibhu tells Tiwari to give 500rs. Tiwari gives. Vibhu tells happu to open his mouth, happu opens his mouth and vibhu puts the 500rs in happu singh’s mouth and says take it, you wanted bribe only. Now shut up vibhu tells tika malkhan to go and buy the materials. Vibhu and Tiwari go.

At cheddi’s stable, anguri sees Tiwari and vibhu coming, she starts sweeping. Vibhu Tiwari come. Vibhu says oh my god Bhabhi ji, what are you doing? Why are you sweeping the floor, why are you working here? Tiwari says one minute, why are you saying? I should say this. Vibhu says then when will you say? start saying. Tiwari says yes, then he says listen anguri please come with me, I have come to take you. anguri says I told you all that I am not anguri, I am phagunia, so you please go I will not come with anyone. Cheddi comes and says why have you both again come? Go away, she is my wife. vibhu scolds and says dare you say that, she is not your wife she is our Bhabhi ji. Cheddi says she is my fiancé, I am going to marry her. Vibhu says you will not marry her, you don’t say that otherwise I will beat you. cheddi says go away otherwise I will call the police, vibhu says listen I we are not scared of you.

tiwari says take it easy. Vibhu says then say something at least, why are you so quiet, see what all he is saying. Tiwari says yes let me talk. Tiwari says we are here to give you money and take anguri with us. Cheddi says phagunia is not for sale so you cannot buy her. Vibhu says just shut up, we are not here to buy her, we are here to buy you. Tiwari says take this bag it has 5 lakh rupees. Cheddi says 5 lakh? No, I cannot take it, if income tax puts a raid then I will be caught, I don’t want so much money. Vibhu and Tiwari are shocked as cheddi says no for so much money. Vibhu says then take 3 lakhs. Cheddi says no, if any robber knows he will steal the money. Tiwari says then take 1 lakh, cheddi says no, not so much money. Tiwari says then you say how much you want. Cheddi says give me 25k rs. Tiwari says okay and removes 25k and says slowly wow my money is saved. Vibhu says you were lucky. Tiwari gives the money. Anguri then says I am not coming anywhere, I said before.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  at home everyone is there at night for function. Tiwari is on sofa and anguri is back. Tiwari says so everyone is here, the past days my life had became a mess and anguri went, so I am going to marry another woman now. Tiwari says she is gulfam kali. Gulfam comes. Anguri is angry and anita is shocked.