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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Anguri Stops Stealing


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th December 2017 Episode start with Adhurelal chachaji requests anguri to clean his face and prove that he is not thief and anguri brings water and chachaji washes his face and he declares that no one in family will do robbery ever. Anguri says that she is now ok and will never do robbery. Tiwari also gets happy and cries.

Nexy day anita comes running in hall and informs vibhuti that the jewelry is stolen again and says that it must be anguri again. Vibhuti denies and says that she is cured now and she wont do it. Meenal and anurag comes in and asks anita for her jewelry anita tells meenal that her jewelry is stolen. Meenal is shocked and upset to know this. Anguri and tiwari come in and anguri tells that the jewelry is with her. Anita asks how did it come to you again and vibhuti says that this tiwari must have stolen.

Anguri then tells the truth that yesterday night a thief enetred your room and robbed the jewelry and she saw him leaving the room so she jumped from window and got hold of the jewelry bag in his hands. Meenal then says that she is happy that she got her jewelry back but even if it was stolen there was nothing to worry as anurag told me that this is fake jewelry and not real. Listening to this all are shocked to know that it was fake jewelry.

Saxena is talking on phone he says that he will give 5 lakhs and will transfer money from mental bank of india and advises to drink lizard soup. Tika comes and says that sometime he should also think about poor like him to help with money and saxena then says that he is rich as his family is wealthy. Tika says that he wish he was also born to such family. A pandit passes by and tika stops him to ask his fortune. Pandit tells him that he is definitely pooe but if he will be adopted by a family he will become a billionaire. Vibhuti and tiwari listen to this and decide to somehow adopt tika.

Vibhuti goes to his house and tells anita that they should adopt tika anita asks why and he then tells her that whoever will adopt him will become a billionaire. Anita then agrees to it listening to become an billionaire. Tiwari comes home and tells anguri that they should adopt tika as he is an helpless kid. Anguri disagrees and asks tiwari there must be some motive so you are saying this and tiwari then tell that if they adopt tika they will become billionaire. Anguri then agrees to it.

At gupta tea stall tika tilu and malkhan are sitting vibhuti comes along and sits beside tika and asks tilu malkhan to sit on other chair. With too much love and care vibhuti kisses tika and asks how is he and then invites him for dinner at home tonight and leaves. Tilu and malkhan then ask him what is this matter in mean time tiwari comes and he too sits close to tika and forces tilu malkhan to shift on other bench. Tiwari too talks very sweetly and lovely and invites tika for dinner tonight and leave.

Tika arrives at anitas place for dinner vibhuti welcomes him and then anita comes with thali dooes tkas pooja and welcomes him. Tika says that he is so much touched with this warmth and then vibhuti insists tika to call him daddy and he calls him daddy and then vibhuti asks him to call anita mummy anita says its ok but vibhuti insists to call her mummy and tika calls anita mummy she then goes in to get food for tika. Tika then asks vibhuti make drink for him but vibhuti tells him that children don’t drink in front of their daddy and tika says that he will go to tiwaris place and then tika says how about also calling gulfam kali we will have fun vibhuti looks at him in anger till then anita calls them to have food.

Tiwari is waiting for tika to come for dinner and anguri comes and tells that the food is ready and y has tika not arrived. Tilu and malkhan come in and greets hello to anguri and then says that they are extremely hungry and would like to have food. Tieari gets nagry at them and deny giving them food and ask them to leave and sasy that this is not cooked for them. Anguri says to tiwaro that y is he treating the guests this way it is wrong but tiwari does not listen to her. Happu singh too comes in and asks what is going on and says that he smells good food is cooked. Tiwari then says rudely too happu singh that food is cooked specially for tika nd not for him listening to this happu singh gets angy and says you have no manners and tells tiwari that tika is at vibhutis place.

Tika is at vibhutis place and thanks vibhuti and anita that he is full and the dinner was delicious anita says to him that the dinner is not over he still has to eat more. Tiwaria nd anguri come in and says that dinner is ready at their place too anguri has prepared a lot of dishes for him. Vibhuti then says that he will have dinner at their place as they wish to adopt him. Tiwari also says that they have plan to adopt tika. Tika appreciates both of them and says that he likes all of them but will be with one who will fullfill all his wishes.

Vibhuti then says that he will see that tika will get lot of alcohol to drink, anita gives him a look. Tiwari says that he will see that he will get free entry for life time at gulfamkalis bar, anguri gets angry says to him what he is talking but tiwari shuts her. Vibhuti then says that he will see that gulfamkali comes home and dances for you every night, anita says to vibhuti this is too much and vbhuti then says that please ignore the last line. Tilu and malkhan come in with panditji and says that we know y you people are treating tika because you got to know that whoever will adopt tika will become billionaire whilw that not the truth and pandit will tell you. Pandit tells that this is not the truth and this a fake news which tika asked us to tell everyone. Tiwari and vibhuti get angry and take tika in a room and hit him badly.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : vibhuti and anguri are ridding on a moped and they meet with an accident as happu singh come in between. Anguri fells down and faints. Doctor check anguri at her place tiwari asks if she is fine and doctor says that we will get to know once she is awake. Anguri is conscious now and recognises everyone but fails to recognise vibhuti and slaps him hard considering him someone else.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Details

Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain! (English: Is Sister-in-law at home!) (colloquially known as Bhabiji) is an Indian Hindi-language sitcom that premiered on 2 March 2015 on &TV. The show revolves around two neighbouring couples, the Mishras and the Tiwaris, in which the husbands are attracted to each other’s wives and attempt various tropes to impress them while constantly failing to do so.


Rohitash Gaud
Rakesh Bedi
Aasif Sheikh
Yogesh Tripathi
Shubhangi Atre Poorey
Shilpa Shinde
Saumya Tandon
Sandeep Anand

Seasons : 1 | Channel : &tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min