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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with anguri saying what type of a man are you chedi? You sold your own fiancé? We were going to get married! Anguri says I will only not stay with you, I am going with them. Tiwari says yes come with us. Anguri Tiwari and vibhu go. vibhu says rascal took 25k rupees. Chedi there says wow I got the money in all this drama.

At home, Tiwari anguri are waiting outside the door married. Vibhu tika and malkhan are with them. Anita says wait there I have the Pooja thali. They wait. Anita keeps the utensil of rice on floor and she does anguri and tiwari’s Pooja. Anita tells anguri that phagunia now you kick it. anguri kicks vibhu. Anita says not vibhu, the utensil. Anguri kicks the utensil and rice falls. Then anita says now come in and go for your suhaag raat. Vibhu says what suhaag raat? There will not be any suhaag raat. Tiwari says I have married her, she is anguri, what is your problem? Anita says yes, they have married now, why will they not go for a suhaag raat, they will go. Tiwari and anguri go and anguri says I am phagunia not anguri. Vibhu says what the hell, what suhaag raat? That man is a monster. Anita says the rose petals and the bedroom has been decorated by me properly, they will enjoy. Vibhu is angry and says please don’t tell me all that. tika malkhan say shall we go now? anita says yes go. vibhu says just get lost. tika malkhan go. anita says vibhu close the door they shall get privacy for suhaag raat. Vibhu says yes, stop it now. vibhu closes the door loudly.

At night vibhu is in balcony and says this is all because of anita, now that Tiwari will have honeymoon with anguri Bhabhi, he married her once again. vibhu says I will not let that happen. Anita comes and says what happened? Why are you angry? Vibhu says why did you let Tiwari and anguri go for the honeymoon? Anita says they are married, what is your problem? Vibhu says she is phagunia and she is innocent, that Tiwari is a monster and Tiwari cannot touch anguri Bhabhi until her memory comes back. Anita says you do you are overeacting, let them do what they want. Vibhu says I will not let that happen. Vibhu goes and says I will stop him.
In the bedroom, Tiwari says anguri come on lets do our honeymoon. Anguri says I am not anguri, I am phagunia, how many times should I tell you? Tiwari says okay, lets do our honeymoon. Suddenly vibhu comes in the window from stairs and says stop Tiwari. Tiwari says how dare you come in my room? vibhu says you cannot have your honeymoon with phagunia. Tiwari says why? she is my wife and I have married her, she is anguri not phagunia. Vibhu says do you want proof? Vibhu asks anguri that who are you? anguri says I am phagunia. Vibhu says see, she is phagunia. Tiwari says you go from here, she is my wife and she is anguri. Vibhu says no she is phagunia. Tiwari says but anguri is only phagunia. Vibhu says no, anguri is anguri and phagunia is phagunia so if you even touch phagunia, it will be against her wish and you can be booked for assault. Tiwari says but she is anguri. Vibhu says no. anguri there yawns and goes to sleep.
Next day morning, in the bedroom the argument still goes on and vibhu says so you understand? Anguri is not anguri now because she has memory loss and she is phagunia, just like the way you are a fox but your face doesn’t match one so she is phagunia and anguri both but now she is phagunia.
Anita sees from her bedroom and calls vibhu and says what are you doing there? Vibhu says I and Tiwari were arguing on a topic so were just debating. Anita says just shut up and go bring milk. Tiwari says go away from here now. vibhu says now you understand what I say? Tiwari says get lost. vibhu goes from window. Tiwari sleeps beside anguri and says come on phagunia lets do honeymoon. Anguri says I am sleeping now.
In the hall in morning, anguri and Tiwari are there. Vibhu comes and says she is phagunia. Tiwari says shut up, she is anguri. Vibhu says whatever. Anguri says I am phagunia not anguri. Vibhu says I will make Bhabhi ji remember the sweet moments we had together then her memory will be back. Tiwari says what do you mean by sweet moments? She doesn’t remember the sweet moments she had with me what will she remember yours. Vibhu says I meant the conversation we had, so she will remember. Vibhu says Bhabhi ji, do you remember how many times I called you my love. Tiwari says wait what are you saying? Vibhu says I am giving her a shock treatment. Vibhu says I said I love you to you and even you said, then I also called you jaanu and I miss you and you would say what did you say? Tiwari says what kind of a treatment is this? And you say all this to my wife? vibhu says I am giving shock treatment. Tiwari says I am getting those shocks. Anguri says why are you broing me? Vibhu says its not broing, its boring. Tiwari and vibhu smile and say, yes say sahi pakde hain, please. Anguri says why are you boring me? I am going. Anguri goes. Vibhu says she almost got her memory back.
At home vibhu and anita are there. Vibhu is drinking coffee. Anita says what are you doing? Why do you interfere in tiwari’s life. Vibhu says always I am at mistake, you are not, so sorry. Anita says you are jobless. Vibhu says yes that is my mistake, in fact everything is my mistake, the first mistake is I took admission in your college, 2nd is I met you, 3rd is I flirted with you, 4th is I proposed to you and the 5th biggest mistake is I married you. anita says what? It is your mistake? Vibhu says yes you have made me your servant, I anyway do what you say. anita says then do as I say, now you shall get a punishment. Vibhu says I am anyway always punished. Anita says you will become a laundry man and enter the house and romance with me. Vibhu says what’s with the laundry man now? anita says do as I say.
At night, vibhu climbs the stairs from balcony as a laundry man. Uncle come sin auto and stops and asks pelu if he will drive taxi in London? Pelu smiles. Uncle says what type of reaction is this. Uncle then gets down and sees laundry man and says I will this time unveil the truth, anita is having an affair with someone and cheating vibhu. I will climb up. In the room, vibhu enters and says madam washer man has come. Down, uncle is about to climb stairs when his back pains and uncle says this back had to pain now, so many times I have climbed stairs but this ladder always breaks my back.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Tiwari and everyone have come for a party at his house. Tiwari says these past days were not good for me, anguri flowed in the water, but phagunia came, but she is not anguri. So I have decided to marry a sanskaari and beautiful woman, she is gulfam kali. Gulfam comes. Anita and anguri are shocked.